6421-901-Puli Camp Rebuilding

The Puli Camp was used 130 days in one year, with a total 11,573 people using the facilities. An extensive ropes/team training course is used by churches, businesses, and even the police.



Taiwan, Eastern Asia

The Problem
The Puli Camp was hit hard by the 7.6 earthquake that devastated central Taiwan in 1999. Although short-term repairs made it possible to reopen the camp for use, it now needs funds to begin long-term repairs and upgrades to continue the camp's ministry.

Our Vision
Camp workers have many opportunities to share the gospel with those who come just for the ropes course.

Our Strategy
The field treasurer will send collected funds to the church association treasurer, who will disburse them to the camp for use according to the budget.

Things Needed for Success
Replacing the temporary building used for meetings and dining will cost approximately $600,000.