6420-933-BAM Epicenter

The Epicenter is a Business as Mission project that engages believers in the marketplace, causing them to impact their sphere of influence to bring about the transformation of peoples and societies economically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually for God's glory.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
Certain people groups are normally inaccessible to church outreaches due to barriers inherent to a traditional church. At the same time, believers who are businessmen and professionals are unengaged in kingdom ministry.

Our Vision
This project would help engage the virtually untapped block of believers in the marketplace who historically have been targeted only for their check book. They have sensed the heretical dichotomy of "righteous ministry" from "unholy business."

Our Strategy
This project will involve business incubation resource and motivation, entrepreneurial and financial services, peer advisory groups, business seminars, and workshops.

Things Needed for Success
Startup expenses for an office in order to lend credibility to the Epicenter amongst professionals and businessmen are:
--Business registration: $1,000
--Rent for the first year: $6,000
--Equipment: $2,500
--Furniture and supplies: $1,250

Also, casting vision amongst churches, ministry partners, and business networks will require promotional materials, amounting to $1,750.