6420-927-Street Kids Education

The target group of this project is out-of-school youth who are unable to attend regular schools because of their family's economic situation.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
Over 40 percent of the Philippine population is below 18. Four million children ages 5 to 17 are working for a living. In MetroManila, many of these children "work the streets" selling simple goods manufactured in their community or begging. Many families are unwilling or unable to provide the minimal cost of public education because the children are needed to supplement the family income.

Our Vision
This project is a church-based, holistic ministry to the poor.

Our Strategy
The project will provide basic education through the Alternative Learning System supplied by the Philippine government. It will provide practical Christian education for the students and their parents. It will provide nutritional supplementation sufficient to enable the students to concentrate on their studies and to improve in overall health and growth.

Things Needed for Success
Expected cost of educational materials per student per year: $65
Expected cost of feeding one student three times per week for one year: $125
Expected cost of remuneration per instructional manager per year: $800
Total estimated cost of educating and feeding one child for one year: $300
Expected cost of classroom furniture and equipment for first year: $500
Expected cost of one computer unit, hardware, and software: $500