6420-924-CBS Mindanao Training Fund

The Conservative Baptist Seminary Asia (CBS-Asia) is committed to providing quality biblical and theological training to equip pastors and leaders in the Philippines. CBS-Asia has expanded its ministry to various parts of the Philippines and has already provided training opportunities in Mindanao.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
Mindanao is a troubled area of the Philippines with poverty and unrest due to continued fighting in many areas.

Our Vision
This project will greatly contribute to the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and also the demonstration of His love through transformational, holistic ministries that will address issues of poverty and ministry sustainability.

Our Strategy
Through Regional Training Centers, students have access to facilities closer to where they live and work. Funds will be used for teachers salaries, student transportation, study materials and program development.

Things Needed for Success
Teachers/trainers: $1,500
Student transportation and food assistance: $1,000
Student books and materials: $500
Development of agricultural, livelihood, and stewardship programs for training sustainability: $1,500