6420-911-Visayas Church Planting Endowment

This fund will support Filipino church planters who are involved in establishing churches in the central and eastern areas of Visayas, Philippines.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
The central part of the Philippines, known as the Visayas, is one of the weakest areas of the country for our national church association, known as CBAP. The islands of Cebu and Samar are among the least-reached islands in the whole country as well, with less than 4% evangelical Christian.

Our Vision
Aggressive church planting is still the top priority.

Our Strategy
As an endowment, this fund seeks to provide partial support to Filipino church planters throughout the Visayas, which comprises seven major islands. Funds given to this endowment will earn interest that can be used to support a Filipino church planter.

Things Needed for Success
If a supporting church could commit $5,000 a year for five years, this would underwrite 50% of the project.