6420-910-Music 180 Degrees

The 180 Degrees music team consists of youth ages 13-21 who make a two-year covenant to participate in this ministry. The group travels around the country presenting the gospel to youth through music and drama.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia

The Problem
Short-term missions for adults is new in the Philippines, but a two-year missions youth team is even more rare.

Our Vision
The ultimate goal is for Filipino youth to become the next wave of cross-cultural workers throughout Asia.

Our Strategy
This project provides funds for training, travel expenses, and the purchase of musical and other equipment used by the group.

Things Needed for Success
A cross-cultural ministry trip costs $3,000. Our van to carry equipment can be purchased or maintained for $500. Training our Filipino staff in missions and youth ministry costs $300. Musical instruments or sound equipment cost $800. We can purchase a laptop for $1,500, LCD for $2,500, or Data Base program for $3,000.