6419-937-MCS General

This project supports a Christian school's operational and special expenses. Funds from this project will help upgrade security at a school for missionary children.



Pakistan, Southern Asia

The Problem
The school was closed for two years after a terrorist attack in August 2005. Since reopening, the school has spent a lot of money on upgrading security arrangements. Central heating also had to be installed in order to remain open through the winter. However, a much smaller student body has meant a smaller budget and increased need for financial assistance.

Our Vision
We hope to have a part in supporting the school that plays a vital role in the education of our children.

Our Strategy
The windows in the boarding hostel need to be insulated, and further security measures are planned.

Things Needed for Success
Some needs are:
--$1,230 to insulate windows
--$2,460 to enclose the elementary school veranda for security
--$1,300 for additional weapons, ammunition, and security guards