6419-919-Pakistan-Relief and Development

Thank you for your generosity. With your help, over $100,000 has been raised for Pakistan flood relief. Much-needed care, compassion, medical attention and supplies have helped many Pakistanis endure this crisis.

Pakistan has recently been devastated by what many have called an unprecedented disaster. Monsoon rains of almost biblical proportions--some weather experts say a year's worth of rain fell in just one day--caused massive flooding throughout the country, killing many, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and disrupting the lives of millions.

The situation is overwhelming, and the need for additional food, medicine and medical workers remains dire. Please pray that God will multiply the "loaves and fishes" being provided to the Pakistani people and for strength for our medical personnel and aid workers, who are working so hard to alleviate the pain and suffering. And, please consider a sacrificial gift today to our Pakistan Relief Fund, so that WorldVenture can continue to provide help and hope to the hurting people of Pakistan.

According to the U.N., more people are affected by this catastrophe than the 2005 Asia earthquake/Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined. Over 20 million Pakistanis are currently suffering from a lack of shelter, food and medical care and, with many crops along the Indus River destroyed, widespread famine is becoming a real possibility. Whatever the reason, aid from other countries has also been slow in arriving.

The compassionate support you provide enables WorldVenture workers to continue to be there for these people in need and to have a lasting impact on the country.

WorldVenture committed thousands of dollars to flood relief efforts, which are centered in and around Shikarpur, a city 18 miles from the Indus River in Sindh province, where the organization operates a hospital. Despite incredibly difficult circumstances, our medical personnel and associates in Pakistan are working overtime to provide food and medical treatment to as many people as possible.

Assistance will still be needed in the months to come as teams on the ground seek to help people rebuild their lives. We will keep providing updates from Pakistan as they come in, so you can see how your generous gifts are helping those in need.



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