6417-908-Japanese Sign Language (JSL) Bible Translation

A video sign language Bible translation frees those unable to hear to study the Bible in their language. What a gift of empowerment to people so often frustrated by a world that doesn't understand.

Since 1993, we have been working to translate the Bible into Japanese Sign Language on video formats to meet this need. To date, we have 10% of the Bible translated. We formed a partnership with the Japan Bible Society in 2003, and with their support and our own donor base, we are moving faster. We now have an office with three full- and part-time staff working on the project.

Most Deaf people don't read. The Japanese Deaf community has very limited access to Scripture, and desperately needs a Bible in their own language.

We now have the capacity. We want to increase funding, expand still more, and finish the whole Bible in 15 years or less. With full funding we can be a resource not just to the Deaf church of Japan, but to other Sign Language Bible translations throughout

In 2015, we are seeking $200,000 to hire a second team and translate the book of Luke. In 2016, we are planning a capital funding campaign of $3,000,000 to free us to move forward and finish the project in 15 years or less. Since the project has proven to be sustainable with offerings from within Japan, we are confident that funds from the U.S. will not undermine the integrity of the project but will only serve to move it forward.

The whole cost of the accelerated project would amount to $100 per verse. The current rate is $200 per verse. The salary to hire one person full-time for a year is $28,000. A total of $112,000 would hire a team of a translator, video technician, translation assistant, and project manager for a year. This team would be able to translate 4% of the Bible.



Japan, Eastern Asia