6417-907-New Church Pastoral Support Fund, Kawasak

Denen Grace Chapel in Kawasaki, Japan, will be phasing in full support of a national pastor over a period of three years beginning in January 2010. The intent of this project is to supplement the commitment of the new church in underwriting the pastor's salary.



Japan, Eastern Asia

Our Vision
The purpose of this project is to establish a fund from which to subsidize the cost of calling and supporting a national pastor to a new church, and, if funds allow, provide seed money for future new church leadership.

Our Strategy
It is the intent of Denen Grace Chapel to fully support the new pastor through its tithing within three years, so as not to create ongoing dependence on outside support. Specific costs include moving expenses, equipment expenses, education and training materials, and installation service.

Things Needed for Success
One-time expenses include:
--new pastor's moving expenses ($1,200)
--new pastor's equipment expenses ($500)
--training and training materials ($250)
--installation service expenses ($100)