6411-921-Church Planting

This project is to assist the Ostia church in launching a more aggressive outreach in their community by temporarily helping with costs related to rent, evangelistic events, youth outreach, and support for the pastor. This project helps especially the Simmons as they seek to establish this church, train leaders, and help the church collaborate with other churches and become a reproducing church.

The present church facility has space that is being utilized fully for Sunday School, church office, library, and church services. The main meeting area is conducive for concerts, parties and special events that are helping the church in friendship evangelism. Special events may be planned as well in surrounding theaters and schools. There is a crucial need for a larger facility.

The funds contributed to this project will help the church progress towards higher objectives in expanding the ministry both in and through the church to the community. The project will help the church manage the growth challenges while they search for a a new facility and assist the church in building up a down deposit fund to help in negotiating the purchase of a larger facility.



Italy, Southern Europe