The OIKOS House project moves to the next level with this funding. To facilitate recruiting efforts, OIKOS (Greek for "household"), helps reduce the living costs of short-term workers in Paris, France. Funds will be used to continue the refurbishment of the building, purchase needed ministry equipment and provide support for an evangelism project the team will be doing in 2006.



France, Western Europe

Our Vision
We are building a household. OIKOS refers both to the edifice and the people who will be edified there: a household of world Christians living, growing, and working together.

Our Strategy
Young people eager to experience cross-cultural ministry are able to stay at the house that has been transformed into a living/training/working environment for four to nine workers. Monies given to this project will be used to build up both the property and the people.

Things Needed for Success
The following improvements/changes would increase our capacity to receive mid-term workers and to reduce the cost of sending such workers.

Renovations for the men's apartment:
--Plumbing, water fixtures, shower, etc. ($1,500)
--Kitchen counters ($1,000)
--Kitchen appliances ($3,500)
--Furniture ($5,000)

Work equipment:
--Computer network/software ($6,500)
--Video camera ($3,500)
--Vehicle ($10,000)

Evangelism project:
--Mission Estivale 2005 ($9,000)