6409-940-AME Indonesia

AME, a Brazilian organization that partners with both WorldVenture and an Indonesian organization, sends teams of relief workers and supplies to locations affected by natural disaster. Gifts to this project will help underwrite the costs of providing desperately needed aid.



Brazil, South America

The Problem
A tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean from Indonesia to Somalia left thousands dead and nearly two million homeless in the Indonesian province of Aceh. Aceh is the home of the most radical, least tolerant, forms of Islam in Indonesia, the birthplace of the groups responsible for violence against Christians in the island nation. The government wanted qualified healthcare and social workers and called for milk, medicine, and tents.

Our Vision
Disasters such as the recent tsunami give an opportunity to give Acehans a cup of water in Jesus' name.

Our Strategy
In addition to relief teams of Brazilians that delivered aid after the tsunami, Brazilian soccer stars Jorginho and Bebeto hosted benefit soccer matches both in Brazil and Indonesia as a means of raising funds for the relief efforts.

Things Needed for Success
A gift of 75 cents can buy a liter of milk.