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This special project helps fund Brazilian-led mission effort to care for orphans in Indonesia.

Most of these orphaned children lost their parents in violent massacres and are in desperate need of care mentally, physically and spiritually. The tsunami on December 26, 2004, has created an even greater need for an orphanage ministry in South Asia. Many children have been placed in other orphanages due to a lack of space.

We teach children orphaned by religious violence to love those who killed their parents. Through this, we wish to encourage Indonesian Christians to reach out to their Muslim neighbors in Christian love rather than by escalating the cycle of violence.

Trauma counseling, English and music classes, food, clothing and housing are already being provided to the children. Funds will also be used to help build a facility that will allow this ministry to reach out to even more children than what the current rented facilities can handle.

Remarkable progress has been seen with the children. Children who dreamed of growing up to kill Muslims are now involved in ministries of compassion to needy Muslims.

A donor can sponsor a child for as little as $30 a month. An additional $20,000 is needed to build the new orphanage facility.



Brazil, South America