6407-908-Outreach for Prostitutes & Victims of Human Trafficking

This project supports a ministry in Austria that reaches out to victims of human trafficking caught in prostitution. Due to security reasons, the ministry must remain nameless. This particular ministry in Vienna can only exist through contributions of personal supporters and churches.

One married couple is leading this very difficult project. A team of women has been built that goes out several times a week to make contact with the women working on the streets, trying to establish a relationship with them through which they can share Christ's love. We attend prayer meetings, try to encourage the workers and, as a team, pray for direction on how involved we actually should/can become.

The financial needs are great and more workers are needed full-time.

We are fulfilling two of WorldVenture's 5 Worldwide Objectives: Evangelizing the Peoples of the World and Extending Grace.

Our current goal is to raise $10,000 annually for the ministry to go towards the costs necessary to reach out to these women on the streets. In the future, as the ministry grows, it could be that we would be able to promote specific projects, such as a safe house for the women.



Austria, Western Europe