6404-932-Girls Discipleship Program

This project is for a six-month boarding discipleship school for girls in their S6 vacation time. The objective of this is to help form these girls in their faith, character and leadership. With this, I see this advancing WorldVenture's worldwide objectives:
1. Evangelizing the peoples of the world: through learning about their faith, those that have thought they were saved but not will hear about Him as well as through intentional discipleship.
2. Extending grace: this program will be offering developmental assistance through Biblical knowledge but also life skills.
3. Equipping leaders: leaders being trained for ministry through non-formal contexts to deepening churches.
4. Encouraging missions movements: as these girls become established and discipled in their faith, they will also be taught how to mentor and disciple.

When a group of Ugandan high school girls were asked, "Is Jesus God?" their answers were unanimously, "No." These girls grew up in church and yet didn't know Jesus is God. A similar discipleship program for boys shows how this project could meet the spiritual needs of these girls.

The nine-month break between high school and college provides the perfect opportunity to have a focused time to teach the girls how to study the Word of God, be discipled, learn how to disciple as well as learn life skills that will benefit them.

Some set up needs will be desks, beds, mattresses, oven, kitchen supplies, furniture, computers, printer/copier, white board, projector, school supplies, textbooks, etc. A giving guide will show what people can give for specific items.

Rent for a building may cost $1,000 per month. Since the school will be for six months, we're uncertain if they will let us only rent for that long (and if they do, the rent will be higher) or we will need to rent for the full year.

Through talks with another similar discipleship program, the actual cost to run the school is estimated to be $800 per month to cover teachers' pay, food, electricity, water, and medical. For six months, this amounts to $4,800.



Uganda, Eastern Africa