6404-919-Refugee Protection House

The Refugee Protection House project is an opportunity to share God's love with some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Southwest Uganda is home to 250,000 refugees, primarily from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is embroiled in conflict. The protection house will provide a secure place to live for the most vulnerable, at-risk, refugee women in the region. Our goal is to provide a vital, tangible, life-saving option for women whose lives are threatened. Most of all, we want these women to experience the love of Christ by extending His grace, through relief, protection, medical and development assistance.

The ongoing war in the DRC is one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Known as the rape capital of the world, soldiers use sexual-violence as weapons of war. Congolese are fleeing by the thousands, seeking refuge in neighboring Uganda. In Southwest Uganda alone, there are a quarter of a million refugees. Unfortunately, while many refugees think they are safe once reaching the refugee settlements in Uganda, some of the most vulnerable women soon find out that the rebels are also in the settlements and they are not safe. We are starting a safe house in cooperation with the UN and Ugandan government to provide protection for the most vulnerable refugee women, women whose lives are in imminent danger. In addition to providing a secure place to live, we will offer psycho-social support, counseling and care from Christian staff. They will stay in the protection house until they are resettled.

Please partner with us! Our initial start-up costs include $50,000 to buy land and build the protection house. And we anticipate a yearly operating budget of about $30,000 to cover security, staff salaries, utilities, food, clothes, and medical care for refugees. It is amazing what God can do through the generosity of His people.



Uganda, Eastern Africa