6404-916-National Mentors

This project will assist highly qualified veteran pastors willing to donate their time to help develop weaker churches by providing them with a per diem for expenses such as food and lodging (when necessary) as well as travel expenses.



Uganda, Eastern Africa

The Problem
The mentoring and training of young pastors and new church leaders is one of the greatest needs of the church in Uganda.

Our Vision
This project meets the objectives of establishing churches and training leaders.

Our Strategy
Since many of these senior mentors have no cash flow, this project will allow them to pass on their wisdom and skills to some of the most needy church leaders. In some cases, the mentor may be accompanied by another church leader he is training, so that he too can learn how to mentor others.

The key element to this project is that it will be implemented by older, highly respected pastors. This age factor not only brings great experience, but taps the highly respected cultural value for the wisdom that comes with years and is a model to young pastors for what can be necessary to finish well in ministry.

Things Needed for Success
One two-week trip by a mentor to a village about 4 hours away would cost about $100.