6404-908-Emergency Assistance for Children/Families

Uganda has many needy people, many of whom could improve their situations if given help to meet a critical need. Funds from this project will provide emergency funding to assist individuals during difficult circumstances.



Uganda, Eastern Africa

The Problem
Most Ugandans are unable to meet critical needs themselves and whole families suffer as a result.

Our Vision
God commands His people to help the needy. This special project allows us to do that.

Our Strategy
The focus is on individuals of any age who need emergency assistance to meet an urgent need (medical, physical, or scholastic). Many needs are one-time only.

Things Needed for Success
School fees cost $15-$75 depending on year in school. An operation can cost $60-$150. Three months' rent, the deposit demanded by landlords, is $55. One pair of shoes or one outfit of clothing is $20.