6403-975-Wolof Bible Translation 2 Basic Urban

This projects goal is to translate the entire Old Testament and New Testament into Basic Wolof, using a mother-tongue translator, with a goal of having the entire Basic Wolof Bible ready for publication by the year 2025.



Senegal, Western Africa

The Problem
Missions and national Christians targeting Wolof speakers believe this Basic Wolof translation to be essential for evangelizing these unreached, predominately Muslim people. Including those who speak Wolof as a second language, estimates set the number of Wolof speakers higher than 10 million.

Our Strategy
We plan to coordinate this translation with the translation of the Regional Wolof Bible so that both follow the same exegetical choices.

Things Needed for Success
The mother-tongue translator's remuneration will amount to approximately $12,000. The reviewers and checkers will cost $2,000; consultant checks, $2,000; and books and supplies, another $2,000.