6403-943-Village Envangelism

Funds will support a literacy program that hosts a number of classes, including Bible teaching, health and elementary math. This education makes it easier to acquire jobs within the villages.



Senegal, Western Africa

Our Vision
Projects like this give training to young Christians in the churches which give them a responsible job in the village and protect them from going to big cities where they are exploited and face all sorts of temptations.

Our Strategy
Reading and writing in one's own mother tongue opens new opportunities to villagers. With the broken down costs below, a group could adopt a certain portion of the program or the support of one teacher for six months.

Things Needed for Success
Some program costs are:
--A month-long literacy teacher training course for 10 teachers ($1,500)
--A two-week review course for 15 teachers ($1,500)
--A six-month honorarium for each teach ($450 each for 25 teachers=$10,500)
--Three regional supervisors ($100 each per month for seven months=$2,100)
--Transport for supervisors to visit villages ($650)
--Teaching materials for 750 students ($5 per student=$3,750)