6403-940-Church Library

This project would fund the purchase of land and construction of a library building adjacent to the Thies church.

Many Muslim youths and young adult married men have been influenced positively for the Lord through the church library. Within a few years this ministry will be lost to us unless we can get a new library facility to which they can come and study. We do not want to continue using the church property because some Muslim students will not come to the library when it is in a non-Islamic religious building.

The new library will provide a more neutral setting conducive to attracting people from other religious backgrounds who are seeking the truth.

Many evangelism contacts have been made at the Thies church library. Now church leaders want to extend the library's impact. The library's holdings will be transferred to nearby John Huffman Christian School so the students there may have access to the books. A new library facility will be needed near to the church.

Land is expensive. One piece of property, right next to our church, has a building already on it that we could use, but the asking price is $160,000. We could bargain the owner down, but then we'd have to renovate the building for use.

Another piece of property for sale is on the other side of the church. It is a corner lot with no building, with several trees and lots of shrubs that would need to come out. The asking price is $40,000.

The cost of building or renovation would be approximately $30,000. Building permits are $200. Cost of tree removal and landscaping is $250. Cost of library furniture is $1,560. Electricity and water hook-up costs $500. Textbooks and other literature will require $5,000. The staff salary for the first year will be $225.



Senegal, Western Africa