6403-919-John Huffman School Construction

This project provides funds to expand the facilities of John Huffman Christian School in Thies, Senegal. This school provides a Christian education for Senegalese children aged preschool through third grade. The school plans to eventually provide an education up to the 13th grade in order to prepare students for university.



Senegal, Western Africa

The Problem
The primary school is built and functioning, but this year the school is building a library.

Our Vision
Many students are from Muslim or Catholic families and need saving faith in Christ. Bible is a required subject for all students, and all teachers and staff provide a Christian witness and treat the students with respect according to Biblical principles.

Our Strategy
World Vision has sent a gift to build the library, and the children's school fees will also be used to help with construction. However, there are still other expenses that will need funding.

Things Needed for Success
The salary of the staff and teachers for the school year is $2,000. Library furniture will cost $750; new books, $2,000; more teaching materials, $2,000; and a dormitory for street children who are enrolled, $3,250.