6403-914-Church Building and Community Center

The goal of this special project is to plant a church in Dakar, Senegal's capital city. This church will use national languages (Wolof and Serer languages targeted) and worship in ways relevant to the culture. This directly fulfills WorldVenture's global priority of establishing healthy, reproducing churches.

Senegal's culture places a high value on physical place, especially in the realm of the sacred. This is true to the degree that it is difficult for a non-believing Senegalese to take seriously a group of believers meeting in a residence for worship. If they are serious about prayer and worship, they do whatever is necessary, despite their poverty, to erect a building dedicated to that purpose.

The WorldVenture Senegal team wants to take advantage of this cultural value by building a church building in Dakar that would meet the needs of Senegalese who don't feel comfortable in French speaking Dakar churches because of language and culture.

According to the national Christian leaders, the Senegalese will respect a place dedicated to the worship of God, they will come and hear the truth preached, and some will give their lives to Christ. Thus a church will be formed largely through the construction of a church building and the leadership of a mature national pastor. We want to test this creative theory as a means to potentially breaking through the wall of Islam that has largely rejected decades of Christian missionary efforts in Senegal.

Cost of land in Dakar is currently at approximately $200 per square yard. The purchase of a small plot of land would cost $50,000. The construction of a small chapel building would cost another $50,000, with bricks costing 40 cents each.



Senegal, Western Africa