6403-909-Diourbel City Church Construction

A church in Diourbel, Senegal, has been granted a piece of land to build a worship center and dispensary on. This project provides funds for the church to construct and maintain these facilities.

In many cultures a church building is a sign of stability and growth. A house church is not a place of honor set aside for prayer and worship because a place of prayer should not have a bathroom or sleeping quarters.

This entire complex will serve a number of churches and training modules in the area.

The believers have chosen to start with the worship center. The plan is for a two-story building which will also be available to serve as a conference center. The Diourbel church also has other pieces of property across the street from this land grant which it plans to develop for a school and dormitory/guest room.

U.S. churches planning to put up a structure could also commit to helping a church in Senegal come up with a building. Buildings here are much cheaper to put up. A U.S. church could add a tithe of its building expenses to help a church in Senegal put up a structure. Another thought is that a U.S. church could fund for example the painting of a building and send a team to do the job. Similar things can be envisioned for furnishing a church with benches, loud speaker systems, and musical instruments.

Some expenses of the church construction are:
--Architectural plans: $200
--Cement: 50 tons for $6,000
--Steel: $10,000
--Gravel: $6,000
--Windows: 40 for $1,600
--Doors: 15 for $2,400
--Electrical hookup: $8,000
--Electrical installation: $8,000
--Water hookup: $1,000
--Paint: $10,000
--Roof: $10,000



Senegal, Western Africa