6403-904-Diourbel JES Camp Subsidies

This project will help young people gain training in Christian life and spreading the gospel. Young people's camping programs are a great time to disciple Christian young people as well as see other young people come to Christ. This also offers an avenue of leadership training for upcoming leaders. Young people then use what they have learned to initiate evangelistic outreaches in other villages through music, drama, testimonies, films and preaching.



Senegal, Western Africa

Our Vision
Providing the funds for young people to go to camp will allow them to be more educated in their faith and to gain knowledge of how to reach out to their friends.

Our Strategy
Young people's groups, S.S. classes or other church groups could adopt a camp or part of the expenses in a camp. There are camps for elementary children, young people, and evangelistic initiatives. Each camp usually has between 50 and 100 people.

Things Needed for Success
Transportation for an evangelistic outreach costs $125. For for a camp of 100 people costs $500. The teaching materials and prizes cost $125.