6403-903-Student Scholarships

This fund was set up to help defer the costs of theological and vocational education for key Christian leaders in Senegal. The cost per student depends on the program they attend and the needs of each person.



Senegal, Western Africa

The Problem
There is a great financial need for help for Christian young people who graduate from high school and want to go to college. Going to a big city to study means finding a place to live, food to eat, not to mention books to buy and course fees to pay. Because of multiple crop failures caused by drought and locust invasions, family finances are lacking for adequate help.

Our Vision
Trained leaders will raise the profile of the church in Senegal, be a blessing to the church and present a powerful witness to others.

Our Strategy
The goal is to provide $3,000 each year. A student can usually complete a year's course of study including books, board, room and tuition for $1,350 or less.

Things Needed for Success
Approximate expenses are $50 a month for board, $40 a month for room, and $60 a month for books and tuition.