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This project provides for the operating expenses of New Creation Ministries training center and the salaries for Rwandan staff. The center provides various training opportunities for lay leaders and pastors. The center also holds seminars and round-table discussions of current issues facing the church in Rwanda.



Rwanda, Eastern Africa

The Problem
Most Rwandan pastors have little or no Biblical training. This lack of training encourages a law-based gospel, an abundance of prosperity gospel teachings, a focus on tithes and many other wrong scriptural beliefs. Because the pastors do not understand the Bible, neither do their congregations.

Our Vision
This project allows the staff at New Creation Ministries to train Rwandan pastors in the true gospel, and to understand the Bible in ways that are applicable to the lives of their congregation.

Our Strategy
As the pastors are trained, they then train other leaders in their churches and communities to know the gospel and its transformative purposes in their lives.

New Creation Ministries (NCM) has a four-year discipleship program in which pastors come for 4 intensive terms during the year, in between which they complete projects in their churches. These pastors are also visited by the staff 2-3 times during their studies at NCM.

Things Needed for Success
Ministry Expenses-$17,000
Infrastructure expenses-$20,000