6402-909-Agricultural Demonstration Center

The goal of this project is to introduce people to new ideas of growing and producing food. Meeting this goal begins with an agricultural demonstration area where research can be done to develop and display new techniques for maximizing yield in minimized spaces.
Most of our pastors own less than 2 acres of land and on that land they are supposed to grow all the food they need to survive. Considering that Rwanda is called the "Land of 1,000 Hills", many of the fields are on a significant slope of a 10-40% grade, which leads to significant erosion and loss of soil and nutrients. These two factors result in a poor nutritional diet, with food lasting only 10 months out of the year. By connecting Biblical values and improved farming techniques, we seek to address the spiritual and daily needs of our pastors and their families.

With rising costs and ever increasing shortages here in Rwanda, increasing food production is a huge need. The majority of people in Rwanda eat only one meal a day.
This project addresses the lack of food for our pastors’ families and the families in their congregations.

Partnering with us in this project can help us help people feed themselves more effectively. In addition, as relationships and trust are established, the door is opened for Christ's love to change lives for eternity.

The New Creation Training Center will host this program and share it with a number of pastors and church leaders who train at the center. These leaders in the church can then take the ideas to their villages through Rwanda, reproducing what they have learned about food production.
We have a barn and fields where we demonstrate different methods of agriculture and animal husbandry, and we take our students through each section. We also provide specific teachings on various elements including the Biblical foundation for farming, composting and mulch, nutrition, recognizing problems early, and crop management.

Work staff—$1,500 per year.
Feed and animal nutrition products--$2,000 per year.
Student materials--$300 per year



Rwanda, Eastern Africa