6402-908-New Creation Ministries University Library

New Creation Ministries anticipates advancing the cause of discipleship of national believers on a massive scale by providing Bible students with adequate library facilities.

Libraries are rare in Rwanda. Many libraries in Rwanda do not check books out to patrons, because books are often misused or never returned. With full or part-time staff and upgraded software, we would have the capacity not only to keep track of our books, but also to train our students (and other patrons) how to care for books and how to find the ones they need for research.

At New Creation Ministries, we want our students to adopt the belief that leaders are readers. The more accessible our library is, the more likely it will be used and enjoyed.

Donors may also wish to donate their personal library and may contact us to arrange shipping.

The largest theological library in Rwanda is most likely smaller than the average personal libraries of most pastors in the United States. How can the church in Rwanda grow beyond the basics if they do not have sufficient study materials?

Our goal is for our graduates to have read significant works by theologians from other denominations and cultures, and their own, and to be a place where church leaders from many denominations can use our library alongside our students.

We will hire a librarian to curate the collection, and create a prioritized list of resources. We will also increase the accessibility of our collection by renewing and updating library software. Our library computer lab will become available for research and writing, and we will teach our students to access, evaluate and print online resources.

Librarian: $10,000/yr.
Software: $1,000/yr.
Internet: $2,000/yr.
Computers: $2,400 (4 computers at $600 each).
Books: $1000 (though cost depends on books chosen for purchase),
Furniture (stools, soft chairs, desks, shelves): $300



Rwanda, Eastern Africa