6402-907-Pastoral Student Scholarships

It takes just over $1,800 per year to train a student in the Pastoral Training School (PTS). The students pay $65 per year in fees. We want the students to contribute, but since they are mostly poor rural pastors, we cannot charge them more than this. We want donors to contribute the $1,800 per year not covered by the students' fees.

Most of our pastors have only received a primary school education yet are expected to lead the spiritual health of their congregations. If they are not able to understand the scripture how can they care for the spiritual needs of others?

The pastors in this program are able to afford only 10% of the total cost of the education and this project allows them to study by providing scholarships for the remaining amount.

Most pastors in Rwanda have little or no Biblical education, so many teach salvation by “works” (especially by tithing) and the prosperity gospel. Because the pastors do not understand the gospel, neither do their congregations. This leads to many heresies in the church, and many immature believers.

The goal of this project is to provide scholarships to our pastoral students which will allow them to receive a high-quality education in the gospel, the Bible and its applications to life and ministry.

New Creation Ministries provides a four-year modular discipleship program, focused around the gospel and understanding the scripture and its appropriate application in the Rwandan context. The pastors are also visited 2-3 times in their homes and churches for encouragement and guidance.

Student scholarships $150/month or $1800/year/student



Rwanda, Eastern Africa