6402-905-Pastoral Training Center Construction

This project provides funds for the development and construction of the New Creation Ministries' training center. Besides receiving leadership and discipleship training, students can participate in seminars and round-table discussions of current issues.

This project is designed to address a concern to develop local sources for long-term financial sustainability. It also addresses the growing need for infrastructure with NCM to serve the needs of our students, training pastors and Christian leaders throughout Rwanda.

This project will allow us to build structures for long-term sustainability of NCM and the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda, as well as serve our current and future students by having adequate spaces for teaching and sleeping during class terms.

We will develop multiple long-term sustainability projects such as a building to rent for office space and land for bee-keeping and honey production, among others.

Our desire is for the ministry to be funded largely from Rwanda itself. This allows for our staff to “own” the project as their own, instead of it being viewed as an “American” project. This will also allow us to seek accreditation for CLIR as a certain percentage of the overall budget must come from local sources.

Land and Supplies for bee-keeping—$30,000
Office Building to Rent—$1.5 million



Rwanda, Eastern Africa