6401-909-Sarobidy Maternity Center

The Sarobidy Maternity Center opened in May 2013 in the city of Mahajanga on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Sarobidy is the word for precious in Malagasy. We consider it a privilege to enter into these women's lives--to walk with them, care for them, love them and pray with them. As one woman shared, "now I know that my baby is a gift to me from God"!



Madagascar, Southern Africa

The Problem
According to the UNFPA--The State of the World's Midwifery, 2011, the risk of a Malagasy woman dying in childbirth is 1 in 45. The maternal mortality ratio is 440 women per 100,000. About half of births are attended by skilled health personnel. Only 27% of women use a modern method of contraceptive. Finally, the adolescent birth rate is 148 women per 1,000 births, one of the highest rates in Africa.

Our Vision
We believe that life is precious and that the family unit is precious. We believe that every woman has the right to quality medical care and education as it relates to her pregnancy, baby, birth and the time following birth.

Our Strategy
During this 12-month intensive program, our goal is to empower impoverished women with truth, education and compassionate medical care during pregnancy, labor and delivery and the newborn period. Some of the free services that we provide... -- prenatal care & lab testing -- vitamins & medications -- education relating to pregnancy, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, nutrition, postpartum, family planning and child spacing, general health & child development -- culturally sensitive care during labor & birth -- postpartum home visits & care -- well-baby visits until 6 months of age -- protein-rich snacks & newborn layette gifts -- weekly Bible study and prayer

Things Needed for Success
Operational expenses of the center are $3000 per month. Other one-time expenses include: fetal doppler ($250), centrifuge ($1400), oxygen tank ($450), and midwifery instruments ($175).