6401-905-Low Income Family Scholarship

This project is to help provide funding for students we encounter whose parents are unable to provide for their children's education.

These children come from single parent or extremely poor families with many siblings and no hope of a better future left in the state they are in. Since 2002, we have been helping four children who come from homes where the children have little hope for a promising future. If left in the remote villages, as is customary, the girls most likely would have been married off at 13 or 14 years of age and then most likely abandoned by their older husbands once they become pregnant. During these last nine years, we have seen these children begin to dream of being doctors and teachers as they receive an education. Dreaming of a better future is not common amongst poor families.

Our prayer is that through helping some, they, in turn, will we be able to help even more.

We seek financial assistance to see their education completed and help their dreams come true.

Taking on one child would cost $150.00 per month. This would cover rent, food, living expenses, school expenses (with a large grant already provided to the child by Vision Valley School in Antananarivo).