6401-903-Reforestation Projects

This project partners with local Malagasy communities combating poverty through creation care around their villages, especially through reforesting areas that have been cleared of life-giving trees.

This ministry helps provide jobs for local people, teach the vital importance of the forests God created and provides hope for future provisions from the forests to the next generation.

To date this project has planted over 2.5 million trees, costing less then 10 cents a tree, while providing 66 people with a monthly income they have never had before. Through the planting and caring of the forest, the Malagasy are seeing that they can actually care for the natural world around them that in turn sustains their lives. Finally, Bible studies are starting in new areas where planters have been hired and the Kingdom of God is spreading into unreached areas through our creation care efforts.

The simple fact is that this project costs less then 10 cents a tree. For every $100 given, 1,000 trees are planted, just like $20 plants 200 trees. Please consider how you can be a part of this project.