6250-940 MYANMAR the Children of Promise Home

Who are these children? They are children with extreme needs, and without this home, they would not have an opportunity to study past grade school or middle school.

Some of these children are true orphans, no mother nor father. Some of these children only have one parent, and some are children that come from homes of missionary pastors that are working in the field in challenging situations with very little money to support their children. All are needy.

We help in three ways:

1. We help with a safe home, with good food and loving caretakers. Grace and Babe are young women that graduated from the Bible college in Yangon.

2. Each child goes to a school where they finish eighth grade and then take national exams, and if they pass those exams, they get to go on to high school. They all have to take an eighth-grade exam, and the test is challenging. So, we work with them to make sure that they pass that exam.

3. Then after high school, if they want to go into a training program, we will train them, but over 90% of our kids go on to the Bible college that is run by Paul, our national worker, and his brothers. The majority of bible college graduates go on and serve in ministry, and many of them get married and go into church planting.

Why do are there so many church planters going into ministry? Because of this home and the and training at the community level and Bible School. W Our partners are the reason we have so many going into ministry because they want to reach their country for Christ.

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6250-940-Myanmar Children of Promise Home