1200-017-The Kid's Zone

I am so thankful for everything God has done this year—and very excited to tell you about some important changes taking place for us in 2017 . . .

First, we are relocating our WorldVenture facility to a new, smaller campus. This is a strategic, cost effective move that will ultimately free up additional resources to further our mission of making Christ known among the nations.

Second, we will create a dedicated Kids' Zone at this new facility, focused on the training and care of the children of our missionaries.

Currently, WorldVenture has 487 adults serving all over the world, but the largest number in our constituency is our missionary kids. Our growing family includes 618 children! When their parents are here training, it is just as important that these missionary kids feel at home and receive ministry and teaching tailored to their needs.

As one of our missionaries to Brazil, Kirk Maxwell, father of 3, put it, “My children are missionaries, too. They left their home, their family, their friends, and their church. They learned a new language, a new culture . . . they are a light in their world.”

In the past, kids’ programs at WorldVenture have been allocated to whatever spaces were available at the time. But we want to do better for our kids! In the new facility, approximately 20% of the space will be dedicated to the new Kids' Zone. We want to build towards a future by investing in the next generation.

Our total budget for the Kids' Zone is $200,000…but we have set a goal to raise half of that — $100,000 — by the end of this year so we can begin renovations.

As you plan your year-end giving, I ask you to make a timely investment in our missionaries, their children, and eternity.

Your tax-deductible year-end gift today will help us create a space where our youngest members can feel at home, loved, and able to learn about transition, crossing cultures, American life, their identity in Christ, and prepare for their own calling.

We will begin the renovations for the Kids' Zone at the end of this year, and plan to have it furnished, equipped and ready for use by April 2017.

Our missionary parents are very excited about this new development and opportunity for their children’s lives to be enriched. Kirk Slater, serving with his wife in Uganda and father of 4 shared, “Having a place they can return to helps make WorldVenture home. My boys have known WorldVenture values them. Having a home office that has a place for them gives them roots in the mission.”

Will you join us to make this vision for our kids a reality? You will be investing in the futures of children with first-hand experience in reaching the lost for Christ around the world.

Your gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated. As a special acknowledgement for this significant expansion, a plaque will be displayed in the new Kids' Zone to honor every person who donates $500 or more toward this project.

Ashley White, who serves with her husband and 2 children in Poland through music, youth and children's ministries, knows how vital this Kids' Zone will be to her family. In her words, “Caring for the children of missionaries well is one of the things that sets WorldVenture apart as a mission. WorldVenture has learned that when children are valued, parents are better able to thrive in ministry.”

I hope you will be part of this exciting new development and everything that God has in store for us in 2017 and beyond. May your New Year be truly blessed by His presence and peace!

- Dr. Jeff Denlinger

United States, Americas