6418-903-Whitman Academy Expansion

Imagine a Christian School at the Crossroads of the World

Every day and everywhere people are watching Middle Eastern events. Literally, this is the area where east meets west, where Christianity, Judaism and Islam interface, and where global leaders debate seemingly irresolvable issues.

In family rooms around the world TV viewers watch as unspeakable tragedies appear before their eyes. A Muslim business man said to the writer last Sunday in Amman, “Why is there so much killing these days? What’s gone wrong?” People of good will everywhere are asking the same questions.

At the same time, we see God at work in Jordan and the surrounding nations.
• God is opening minds and softening hearts. The Bible is available and being read. With the joy of the Lord, however, difficult and sometimes deadly persecution may also come.
• The hope that the gospel brings is spreading. Christians in local churches and expatriate Christian families from many countries are working for God’s glory here in Jordan and the region.
• Believers are looking forward expectantly to the return of Christ. Their focus now is on serving till He comes.

God, in his wisdom, continues to draw women and men of Christian faith to Jordan so that they may fulfill His callings on their lives here. Whitman Academy completes the picture by providing a quality, Christian education for all twelve grades, and at an affordable cost for their children.

The student body grows every year. This growth challenges our ability to serve all of our new applications in our present building. We do not have enough room for everyone who would like to come.

As a result some families return to their homelands not having been able to fulfill their spiritual callings. We do not want to see this happen. There is a critical need to provide more classrooms. You may not have been called to be a business person or a humanitarian relief worker in the Middle East but you can support God’s plan for this area by contributing to this very important facility.

The Roy and Dora Whitman Academy Campaign Team is working to raise the money needed to buy land and build a more adequate school for our students who are the children of Christian families that you and many other supporters believe should be here.

By giving to this project you will have a direct impact on spreading the gospel and spreading the hope that Jesus brings wherever people meet him. We need your help, please pray about this and open your heart for God’s direction in your life. For more information about the Whitman Academy and the impact it is making here in Jordan and in the greater Middle East, please visit us at

Project Overview
Our Mission. Roy and Dora Whitman Academy exists to provide a quality, Christian education in English to the children of Christian expatriate families through hands on learning and opportunities in servant leadership.

Our Challenge. The potential of the Roy and Dora Whitman Academy is unlimited. Currently, we are unable to realize this potential and fully accomplish our mission. Our facility – a rented, converted, apartment building – is approaching full capacity. Sadly, many prospective students may have to be turned away due to our space limitations.

Our Vision. Our dream is to build a school for 400 students that enables us to accomplish our mission while maintaining affordable tuition. Modestly priced land in an area close to Amman sells for $640,000 an acre. We would like to buy 2.5 acres.

Our goal is to raise the 1.6 million dollars needed through the gifts of our friends around the world. We are praying that this goal will be reached by the end of 2015.

Two and half acres in the metric system are equal to about 10,000 square meters. We are inviting friends to give gifts that will help us buy square meters at $160 each.

Our Goals

2015 Buy land for a new campus
2017 Build a Grade 1-12 School
2019 Add Auditorium and Gym

Your Partnership. We look forward to your partnership in this project at the crossroads of the world. We invite you to make a sacrificial gift over five years, advocate for the project with others, and recruit friends who will do the same.

Pray Regularly. Join our mailing list with your email and pray earnestly for the project. Write us at

Give by Check. Prepare a personal or bank check in the name of WorldVenture. Please enclose a note with your check saying that the gift is for Whitman Academy New Campus Project #6418-903. Then mail it to WorldVenture, Receipting Department, 1501 W. Mineral Ave., Littleton, CO 80120-5612, USA.

Give Online by Credit Card. On this page click “Donate” for a one time gift or “Commitment” for regular giving. Complete giving and credit card information. You will receive a receipt. They will tell us you gave.



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