Short-Term Teams

Church Partnership Evangelism, CPE, is a long term evangelistic and discipleship model that is executed by short term mission teams from the U. S. partnered with Philippine churches. The short term component of this model is intentional and relational and enables members of local churches to effectively evangelize family, friends and co-workers. The long term component of the model provides methodology and tools to disciple new believers and augment church planting and church growth activities. Short term mission teams will be involved in both aspects during their stay.



Philippines, South-Eastern Asia


CPE teams are typically between 3 and 8 members of adults age 18 or over. Larger teams can be accommodated. Budget varies depending on location but ranges between $700 and $800 per person for on-field expenses. This includes lodging, food, laundry, in-country travel and ministry materials. This total does not include airfare. Each team member will write a 300 word testimony. Ministry materials and Bible purchases will be coordinated by the missionary. Teams will receive some cultural orientation and CPE training when they arrive on field.

If interested in sending a team, please contact David and Kenda Jerome at davidandkenda@yahoo.com, or Brent and Christine Ralston at ralstonbc@gmail.com.


During evangelism, team members will be partnered with Filipinos and attend appointments pre-scheduled by the partner. At the appointment, partners engage in casual conversation and introduce their American friend to the contact. After introductions, the team member will have opportunity to share pictures of their family then share their testimony. Each team member’s testimony is translated and included in the CPE tract. Following the testimony, the church partner will summarize in the local dialect and begin sharing the Gospel, also included in the CPE tract. The combination of the team member testimony and the Gospel presentation usually results in a decision for Christ.

After a decision, a second appointment is scheduled with the contact to return and begin the first Bible study. The Bible study is four short lessons and reinforces the decision made a few days prior.




Appointments in homes, location could be city or rural