Production Assistant Intern

Gain practical experience serving with Imani Collective, a women empowerment program providing hope and job opportunities to single, widowed, and disadvantaged women. Work in quality control and production operations, learning what it takes to manage a business in a developing nation.



Kenya, Eastern Africa


An Imani Collective intern would need to be organized, meticulous, and have excellent time management. They need to be outgoing, open to new cultures and customs, as well as willing to learn in every circumstance they are put in. An intern should always be aware of the country’s specific cultural norms and take the time to develop knowledge on the location they will be serving in.


Quality Control
-Check all products for quality.
-Clearly articulate changes to be made by the tailor to achieve quality
-Training involved and will work with Country Director to fulfill quality reporting requirements
-Production Operations
-Assist International Director in scheduling, communication and management of production and output
-Participate in the import/export processes of Imani Collective
-Learn what it takes to manage a business in a developing nation at US standards


You will be living in a house (not a hut...), you will have running water, electricity and there are plenty of options for eating very normal food. (promise no bugs... unless you want to) Internet will also be available at your house.


Our international staff will be there to help you and encourage you during the assimilation process. By applying to work abroad you are agreeing to be extremely flexible and embrace the challenges that are sure to come – and have the best internship experience of your life. Internships generally begin in September, January, or June and are 3-5 months in length depending on the season