WorldVenture in upper Guinea, West Africa is seeking to transform society through a multifaceted approach with each facet aimed at evangelism and impacting a strategic area of society. This opportunity seeks to transform an aspect of the medical profession, improve lives and see people come to Christ.



Guinea, Western Africa


Solid, growing believer. Able to grow spiritually without lots of external input. Evangelistically oriented. Strong sense of Gods call. Committed to long-term. Able to get along well with people, build relationships and live with very limited Western contacts. Able to learn languages. Able to live in a primitive area. Able to teach. Flexible (able to adjust plans to fit needs and situation). Able to laugh at ones self. Trained Pharmacist. Vision trip required before arrival long-term on field.


Know or learn French and Maninka, culture and living in upper Guinea. Develop and run a pharmacy advising service to provide advice to the three official pharmacies and multitude of others selling medicines, some of which are fake, on how to improve the quality of medicines they sell. You may also be able to advise patients as to quality of drugs and advisability of the drug prescribed and pray with and for the sick. Train Guinean(s) to work with you. Eventually cover expenses. Be salt and light using your medical and business contacts to bring people to faith in Christ, strengthen believers and build the church. Start Pharmacy advising services in other towns. Come up with ways to use your skills to build society and the church that we cant think of. Be a functional team member and participate in team prayer and worship times. Maintain support.


French and Maninka


French and Maninka


Upper Guinea is a "forgotten" area of the world. Towns have no city water or electricity or typical western conveniences. Missionaries live in rental facilities and set up their own solar electrical and well water plumbing systems. The climate is hot for a portion of the year, very limited to no air conditioning because of lack of electricity. Many supplies and services are five hours away in Bamako, Mali. There are bustling markets but supplies and food are different than in the US. Cook from scratch.


WorldVenture in upper Guinea is focusing on the over two million Maninka People of whom less than 150 are believers. The rest are a mix of a major religion and spirit worshipers. The considerable spiritual oppression to down right spiritual attack, remoteness, limited resources, slowness of the work and climate make this one of the highest areas of missionary attrition in the world. Yet there is a good working relationship among several missions praying and fellowshipping together including SIM, IMB, and Pioneer Bible Translators. WorldVenture believes that within this generation, we can transform this land and society. We are praying and working toward this goal. We invite committed, dedicated, evangelistically and long-term focused believers to join us.