Outreach Specialist Intern

WorldVenture in upper Guinea, West Africa is seeking to transform society through a multifaceted approach with a solid evangelism emphasis. Maninka are resistant to the gospel. The WorldVenture team believes that with exposure to the truth some will accept truth. Your opportunity is to intern in preparation to research methods of evangelism used in West Africa that touch a lot of people at once and then adapt and use those methods in Guinea to touch many with the gospel.



Guinea, Western Africa


Couple or single male. Solid, growing believer. Able to grow spiritually without lots of external input. Evangelistically oriented. Strong sense of God's call. Committed to long-term ministry. Able to get along well with people, build relationships and live with very limited Western contacts. Able to learn languages. Able to live in a primitive area. Able to teach. Flexible (able to adjust plans to fit needs and situation). Able to laugh at one's self. Appropriate Bible training and/or experience. Willing to participate in the Africa Internship Program (additional information available from missionary supervisor.)


Internship will prepare applicant to know or learn French and Maninka, culture and living in upper Guinea. Research broad and successful evangelism methods used in West Africa. Try/facilitate one or more. Train Guinean(s) to work with you. Be salt and light using broader outreach techniques to bring people to faith in Christ, strengthen believers and build the church. Come up with ways to use your skills to build society and the church that we can't think of. Participate in team prayer and worship times. Maintain support. Possible examples:

1. Creatively and broadly distribute gospel media in Maninka (CDs, on chips for cell phones, MP3 format etc.)

2. In Senegal on WorldVenture missionary held contests. Prizes ranged from bicycles to big French Dictionaries. To compete in the drawing for the top prizes people completed six simple correspondence courses. Many learned, some came to faith.


French and Maninka


French and Maninka


Kankan is a bustling town of over 250,000 that reflects a developing county. It is a great place for those with a sense of adventure, a love for people, and the desire to see God transform a whole region. The WorldVenture team in Upper Guinea desire to see Christ’s kingdom established in all facets of life – and have fun along the way.