ICF Field Treasurer

Indus Christian Fellowship (ICF), a locally registered missionary organization in Pakistan comprised of missionaries from different sending organizations around the world, has been faithfully proclaiming the Gospel through word and deed and planting churches among unreached peoples in the Sindh province for over 50 years. Seconded workers serving in the Sindh province of Pakistan are active and full members of ICF, serving together in Pakistan on missionary visas through ICF. ICF operates with a local operating budget for its many different ministries, including meeting physical needs and spiritual needs. For example, ICF operates a 34 bed women and children’s hospital, community development projects, media and resource development, Bible translation, and others. ICF needs a treasurer who will work half-time to manage ICF finances.



Pakistan, Southern Asia


This person will need to have experience and training in good accounting practices.


This person will disburse funds received into the ICF accounts in a responsible and organized manner so that the mission and ministries of ICF are supported and strengthened. The treasurer will make payments for expenditures, disbursement of budget, shelter and ministry funds, sign checks, reconcile bank accounts, arrange audits of accounts, and more. The treasurer helps establish the annual budget for ICF ministries. The remaining time will be spent in other ministry involvements together with other team members in one of the main cities where ICF works - Hyderabad, Karachi, or Shikarpur.


Urdu or Sindhi


This would depend upon what city in which the applicant was assigned. Karachi, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea is a megacity of 20+ million people. Hyderabad, located only 3 hours from Hyderabad by road is a much smaller city but has many of the same amenities that are available in Karachi. Shikarpur is a rural town located 40 minutes away from a major city and airport. The women and children’s hospital and community development work is located in Shikarpur. In each city people will need to adjust certain aspects of their living according to local cultural norms. Internet is available throughout the country. The climate in the Sindh during the summer is very hot - usually hovering between high 30’s and mid 40’s. Electricity is not consistent in Shikarpur but a UPS is available.


The Treasurer will be able to have office space in his/her home.