House Mom for Girls' Home

Safe Haven Home for Girls is a home for abused and disadvantaged girls in Beirut, Lebanon. It began as a ministry of Ras Beirut Baptist Church under the Safe Haven Society in 2007. We currently have twelve girls between the ages of 5 and 13 living at Safe Haven. Some of them have experienced severe sexual abuse, many of them physical abuse, and they all know personally the pangs of hunger. Since coming to Safe Haven we have seen tremendous growth in each of the girls – physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

Our three main goals are (1) to provide the girls with the food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education that they had no access to before coming to Safe Haven, (2) to teach them Biblical values and principles that will shape their character and guide them for the future, and (3) to be a blessing to their immediate families – most of whom are followers of Islam – by sharing the love of Christ with them. Ultimately our goal is that each of the girls and their families would come to know Christ as her personal Savior.

We are in need of a house mom to serve at Safe Haven.



Lebanon, Western Asia


Single, female, no children. Strong Christian faith, preferably with some Biblical education. Experience and desire to work with children at risk. Willingness to put time into studying Arabic. Some awareness of Islam.
Independent and flexible. Would prefer some previous cross-cultural experience. Vision trip recommended.


Daily care of the girls. Daily care of the house. After school tutoring
Evening Bible stories. Shepherding, counseling, disciplining and modeling Christlike behaviour.


The home is located in the heart of the university district of Beirut, Lebanon, in an 11 story apartment block. It's a busy city with everything you need within walking distance. It's the Middle East, but Beirut is known for being very Western and welcoming for foreigners.

The political and security situation in Lebanon is always changing.  Up until this point, the neighborhood where the home is has been very safe.

Specific accomodation is open to discussion. Accomodations could be provided in a shared room in the home or potentially in a separate dorm in the same building. There is the option for a private apartment in the same neighborhood, but those expenses would not be covered.


Our house mom works in daily partnership to take care of the girls and the apartment with another house mom.  One of the goals of the home is to model Christlike behavior with the girls, so that is an important value for the staff as well.