Car Mechanic

There are very few (if any) quality mechanics up in Gulu, so most of the expats try to get any maintenance work done in Kampala. As Gulu continues to grow, more and more cars will be on the streets, so starting up a mechanic shop would be good business/ministry opportunity. There is a strong need for skill training for young men which can be combined with discipleship. Since unemployment rates are very high, a shop can provide jobs, while it also provides an opportunity for spiritual growth. Hope Alive!, a WorldVenture child sponsorship ministry, is planning to start a vocational school in the Gulu area, so there will also be an opportunity to teach young adults at the school.



Uganda, Eastern Africa


Male with experience as an auto mechanic. Compassionate, teachable, team work, able to work among poor with limited resources. Willing to have very broad impact by training others. Flexible and self-motivated.


Uganda generally has a wonderful climate, average temps 70's-90's, getting warmer as you head up north. You would be based in Gulu, which during the dry season from January through March is hot and often dusty. During the rainy season it’s warm, but pleasant. You would likely live in “Western” house that would have water and electricity, although electricity is spotty at times. At times challenging internet access, although that has steadily improved. Gulu has some amenities, like a supermarket and western restaurants, but is still a pretty small town in terms of amenities. The majority of the people in the surrounding area and in parts of town still live in the traditional huts. In the capital Kampala (a 5-hour drive from Gulu) you can get almost everything you would need.


You will work in close partnership with local and Western Hope Alive! staff, but you are also free to explore partnerships with like-minded colleagues from other organizations here in Gulu.