Come learn or do anything! that God is putting on your heart. Use that “anything” to grow your life and the lives of people around you as you reshape a whole society to follow Christ as Lord.



Guinea, Western Africa


A solid growing walk with God. A teachable person capable of learning and/or knowing in order to execute what is necessary to do anything! Prefer married couple and over the age of 21. Vision trip required if applying to serve long-term. Language learning depends on what sort of anything! you want to do. Let’s make sure the tools are in place to do anything! 1 Year Minimum Stay.


Learn French as needed. Move into NE Guinea. Maintain personal walk with the Lord. Participate/encourage good team relationships. Learn Maninka if needed. Seek to build relationships, share Christ and see people come to faith. Be a functional team member and participate in team prayer and worship times. Maintain support.


French, Maninka


Upper Guinea is a "forgotten" area of the world. Towns have no city water or electricity or typical western conveniences. Missionaries live in rental facilities and set up their own solar electrical and well water plumbing systems. The climate is hot for only a short portion of the year, very limited to no air conditioning because of lack of electricity. Many supplies and services are five hours away in Bamako, Mali. There are bustling markets but supplies and food are different than in the US. Cook from scratch.


WorldVenture in upper Guinea is focusing on the unreached peoples of the area of whom less than 150 are believers. The rest are a mix of a major religion and spirit worshipers. The area has a population of about 2 million with a church attendance of all evangelical groups combined of less than 5,000. The considerable spiritual oppression to down right spiritual attack, remoteness, limited resources, slowness of the work and climate make this one of the highest areas of missionary attrition in the world. Yet there is a good working relationship among several missions praying and fellowshipping together including SIM, IMB, and Pioneer Bible Translators. WorldVenture believes that within this generation, we can transform this land and society. We are praying and working toward this goal. We invite committed, dedicated, evangelistically and long-term focused believers to join us.