Anti-Trafficking Business Opportunity

Join Freeset Business Incubator (http://freesetusa.com/) to ensure justice for the poor and oppressed through business. Freeset Business Incubator facilitates the planting and development of freedom businesses to regenerate and build vibrant communities with the ability to confront poverty and trafficking. Our vision is to create at least 10,000 jobs. It is about freedom – freedom for village girls at risk and freedom for girls who have been trafficked. Opportunities exist to partner with your current business or for volunteers to come and join the work. Opportunities also available to spend 3 weeks in country to understand the issues and vison, on the 'Freedom Encounter.' Further opportunities for developing skills and experience over a 1-year period on the 'Freedom Exposure' to prepare yourself for a business leadership role.



India, Southern Asia


Age 21 or older. Up to date resume detailing work and community experience. Content to live and work in West Bengal, India, as part of a larger, dedicated team of ex-pats and locals. Business experience or experience in one of the volunteer areas. Flexible and open to learning. Willing to take initiative. Respectful of others.


If you are a current businessperson, partner in one or more of the following ways: co-develop an outsourced solution with Freeset Business Incubator in West Bengal to alleviate production capacity limits in your own business; develop a connected or joint [affiliate and reciprocal] commercial arrangement with Freeset Business Incubator; help establish a freedom business with your company’s or organization's funds, skills and technology; provide marketing opportunities, research and development and / or product sales. Volunteer in one of the following ways: Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, School Teaching, Maintenance, Medical, Electrical & Telecommunications, Marketing & Communications, Administration, Finance, Training, Social Workers, Health Education, Counseling, Manufacturing, and Product Design.