6489-903-Africa Spiritual Life Fund

Celebrate Africa is a periodic gathering of all Africa International Workers intended to provide renewal and intentional recognition of exceptional work done on the continent.


1300-016-Dana Stucky Memorial Fund

Celebrating the life of Dana Stucky and remembering her passion for Albania, the Stucky family invite you to remember Dana with a gift to WorldVenture for the Institute of Albanian and Protestant Studies. Learn more about this ministry at

6443-902-Kenedi Children's Center & Home

Funds will be used to support the Kennedy Children's Center and Home. (Social Sector & Family)

6443-903-Cross Cultural Training Program

Albanians have great potential in working with the least-reached peoples of the world. Funds from this project will provide the start-up costs for a training school that is being established to educate students for cross-cultural ministry in the least-reached areas of the world. (Church)

6443-904-Short Term Assistance for Albanians

As Albanians prepare to serve cross-culturally in least-reached areas, a vital part of their training will be on-field mentored projects. Experiencing ministry in other cultures will create an awareness of field needs and an understanding of cross-cultural issues. Since the local economy makes travel extremely expensive, donations to this project will help fund travel expenses for Albanians going to Asia or the Middle East for short-term mission trips. (Church)

6443-905-Special Workers

This project is designed to promote church planting, leadership development and the fostering of a mission-sending focus in partnership with the Albanian church movement. Since financial resources are limited, funds will support Albanian Christians involved in ministry. (Church)

6443-906-Kenedi Foundation

The Kennedy Foundation, a legal entity in Albania, serves as the compassion arm of the local evangelical church of Korca. The foundation is run by a board of directors made up of both foreign missionaries and local pastors. It is fully staffed by the church. The Kennedy Foundation supports several ministries including a medical clinic, physical therapy, elderly care, special education and a children's center. The Medical Clinic specializes in in-home wound care, diabetes testing, providing low-cost eye glasses, and other medical needs. Within the clinic, Albanian nurses have been trained to administer physical therapy for stroke patients and physically handicapped children. The Elderly Care Center serves the elderly in the Korca community through assisting with grocery shopping, cleaning houses, running errands and providing companionship. The Special Education focuses on teaching children whose handicaps prevent them from attending regular school. The teachers work patiently and diligently with the children to show their parents and caretakers the inherent worth inside each child. The Children's Center focuses on meeting the needs of at-risk children. Funds from this project will support these ministries. (Social Sector & Family)

6443-909-Kenedi Safe Home for Girls

At the most basic level, Albania lacks the social services infrastructure necessary to house and care for girls rescued from abuse. The Korçë Evangelical Church and the Kenedi Foundation saw this need and believed that a Christ centered care home should be opened to provide refuge for these girls. So, in 2004 we opened the Kenedi Safe Home for Girls. Girls who were once sexually abused, beaten and severely neglected are now loved, growing and thriving. They are surrounded by people who want the best for them and who would never hurt them. They are safe. (Social Sector & Family)



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6406-902-Sebea Extension

SEBEA a Distancia is the theological extension program of the Baptist churches of NW Argentina. SEBEA stands for "Seminario Bautista Evangelico Argentino." In English, that would be the Argentine Evangelical Baptist Seminary. Funds raised through this special project will be used to subsidize the purchase of literature for the students of the program. (Education)

6406-905-Plan Advance

The PAM project provides funds to assist in the support and travel of Argentine church planters and itinerant pastors. (Church)

6406-914-Girls at Risk

This project is aimed at children who are often headed towards delinquency and prostitution. (Social Sector & Family)

6406-917-Resident Seminary

The Resident Seminary trains Christians to serve the local church in all areas of ministry. Funds from this project will help subsidize the seminary's costs and allow students who are struggling with the devastated Argentine economy to continue their education. (Church)

6491-908-Argentine Missions Venture

WorldVenture's emphasis on partnership in missions is the focus of this project. Argentina is working to send out missionaries. After many years of our work in Argentina, it is important to see the church association have a vision to send missionaries. They have already sent missionaries to Bolivia and now plan to send a couple to Mozambique. (Church)


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1 out of 2 records are hidden for security reasons.

6407-908-Outreach for Prostitutes & Victims of Human Trafficking

This project supports a ministry in Austria that reaches out to victims of human trafficking caught in prostitution. Due to security reasons, the ministry must remain nameless. This particular ministry in Vienna can only exist through contributions of personal supporters and churches. One married couple is leading this very difficult project. A team of women has been built that goes out several times a week to make contact with the women working on the streets, trying to establish a relationship with them through which they can share Christ's love. We attend prayer meetings, try to encourage the workers and, as a team, pray for direction on how involved we actually should/can become. (Government)


6460-901-Church/Primary School Building/Materials

Building some simple church and school structures on donated land in three key areas will provide future bases for foreign missionaries to further proclaim the gospel as God leads. Medical and relief aid could also be ministered to the needy. The Muslim, Hindu, and tribal peoples are responsive to this type of lifestyle, community-minded evangelism. We seek to provide an example of true Christian compassion in various forms through Christian teachers, one of whom is to be the village/suburb CEB pastor. (Church)

6460-902-Bangladesh Construction

As of October 2013, we now have two properties which have modest church buildings on them. We have held our medical clinics in these buildings on three occasions. Future plans are to start some schools in the existing church structures for the community. (Science & Medicine)

6460-903-Bangladesh Theological Training Scholarships

We need adequately trained leaders who can meet the needs of the growing body of Christ. (Church)

6460-904-Bangladesh Honorariums for Pastors

There is currently no WorldVenture missionary in-country. In the past two years alone, national leaders have engaged several thousand non-believers in relationship evangelism and are seeing 400 to 500 come to Christ as the Lord enables. (Church)

6460-905-Bangladesh Jesus Film Outreaches

We purchased two good projectors from Campus Crusade, including the Jesus film and a health film. Through two- to four-day excursions, our national teams have experienced great success in terms of building relationships and in actual conversions to Christ through these efforts. Of the near 75,000 villages in Bangladesh, many have not received an adequate witness of the gospel. We strive to work where no one else is ministering. (Media)

6460-906-Bangladesh Bible Fund

Due to the poverty level of most of our target groups and churches, we are in need of money to simply provide the Word of God to those whom the Lord is saving. This fund will supply Bibles in M and H versions. (Arts & Entertainment)


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6431-905-Parchment Project

The Parchment Project for the Bible is a tool to be used for evangelism & discipleship. In 2014, the first phase of the project makes the New Testament accessible on In 2015, the second phase will include the Old Testament. Essentially, the Parchment Project reduces the intimidation associated with reading, understanding and teaching an entire book of the Bible. It accomplishes this with a layout for 17 books that only uses two facing pages each per book. When this special project is fully funded, any of these 17 books can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed onto 2 sheets of paper, either US letter-size or A4 international. The 10 longer books can be printed out according to their literary sections. For many years, the printed edition has proven to be a useful format for training leaders to study, teach and preach entire books of the Bible in Belgium. People of peace, who desire to learn about God, will be able to download and read books with discretion, if need be.
The website will make the pdf files more accessible to people in Brussels, around Belgium and beyond on the world wide web. (Media)


This project provides opportunities for WorldVenture personnel, local Christians, and other international agencies to engage in ministry through sports. Funds from this project will be used for equipment, and renting and maintaining FormaSport's facility. Basketball camps and clinics are held at the center as well as other sports-related events. (Church)



6408-909-Leadership Training

WorldVenture workers in Brazil are involved in a bi-annual training event for church leaders. This project provides needed funds for these week-long events. (Church)

6409-901-Grad Student Scholarship

Pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers in various ministries seek graduate training to sharpen their professional skills and to serve as teachers at various levels. (Education)

6409-903-PACA Jabez Expansion

Pan American Christian Academy (PACA) acquired property adjacent to the school for expansion purposes. The school serves grades K-12 providing a Christian education to missionary children and children within the Brazilian community. WorldVenture has both contributed to and benefitted from PACA over decades of work together. (Education)

6409-904-Seminary Student Aid

Pastors and other Christian workers in various ministries seek training at the Sao Paulo Baptist Seminary. (Education)


Promifé is a twice-a-year evangelistic outreach that is used to establish churches and further the work of the Brazilian church. This project provides funds to short-term teams made up of American and Brazilian workers. (Church)

6409-921-New Testament for Japan

This project funds the purchase and distribution of 20,000 Portuguese New Testaments to be given out in Japan. (Church)

6409-922-Bethesda/Gold Keys

This special project helps fund Brazilian-led mission effort to care for orphans in Indonesia. (Social Sector & Family)

6409-926-Sao Paulo Seminary Library

Leadership training requires the availability of good books for study and research. The Baptist seminaries in São Paulo, Brazil, will use these funds to purchase books for students to use in their studies. (Church)

6409-938-Campinas Evangelism

Funds help defray the costs of various evangelistic efforts by short-term teams. Each year short-term teams assist missionaries in a variety of evangelistic opportunities. (Church)

6409-940-AME Indonesia

AME, a Brazilian organization that partners with both WorldVenture and an Indonesian organization, sends teams of relief workers and supplies to locations affected by natural disaster. Gifts to this project will help underwrite the costs of providing desperately needed aid. (Government)

6409-942-Study Bible

The Vida Nova Study Bible is a one-book library developed in and for the Brazilian evangelical churches. It integrates over 5,000 exegetical study notes, the full Thompson chain reference system with over 80,000 marginal readings referenced to some 4,000 key words, a 25,000 entry concordance, 40,000 cross references, a glossary of Biblical terms, hundreds of preaching outlines, a doctrinal summary, color maps and more. (Church)

6491-905-Global Leadership Davis

This project provides needed funds involved in opening new fields of ministry. (Church)

6491-906-Americas' Strategic Initiatives

The purpose of this project is to create a source of readily available funds to invest in strategic initiatives that are connected with the Americas Ministries. (Church)


1 out of 2 records are hidden for security reasons.

6498-903-ABLE Project

Despite a gradually improving national economy, a large number of Cambodia's population remain poor and extremely vulnerable to adversity. Cambodia continues to lack a sufficient social services infrastructure to provide a safety net for these individuals. Many of these vulnerable individuals are children, among the most vulnerable of whom are those who are orphaned and/or disabled. The Cambodian Christian non-governmental organization, Children In Families, addresses many of the needs these children face within the context of one of the most basic needs, the need for family. The ABLE program was developed within Children In Families to address even more specifically the unique needs of children with disabilities.


6479-902-Quebec Church Building Fund

As we plant a growing, church-planting, French-speaking church, we are seeking to build or buy a building to be a launching pad for multiple church plants in the region of St-Jérôme, a suburb of Montréal. (Church)


9 out of 9 records are hidden for security reasons.


6483-901-Robledo Children

Project Robledo has been established to reach the children and their families in a very poor area of Medellin, Colombia. (Social Sector & Family)

Costa Rica

6480-901-Ripple Effect-Costa Rica BAM Initiative

Project Ripple Effect (PRE) is the development of a business in San José, Costa Rica. This business is designed to be a for-profit Business as Missions (BAM) endeavor. (Business)

Cote d'Ivoire

6462-901-Dignity for West African Girls

We are envisioning community transformation by changing the lives of women and young girls. We want to train and equip individuals and groups of women to increase their capacity in addressing issues women and young girls face in communities these days. Our vision is to see girls and women find their identity, belonging and purpose in God. We believe that dignity is God-given and essential to the spiritual, emotional and physical growth and well-being of girls and women. Coming alongside them in a way that impacts every area of their womanhood, from their self-image to managing their menstruation is our objective.

6462-902-Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) Guesthouse

A guesthouse is a tool which allows an institution like IBB to house its teachers and visitors at reasonable rates, saving precious resources for investment in other areas such as the purchase of educational materials and making needed capital improvements elsewhere in the school. A guesthouse can also generate funds that may help towards subsidizing the education of leaders for West Africa. As with any educational institution, IBB is highly subsidized due to the high cost of keeping qualified teachers and providing good training for our students. It is our hope that through providing good and reasonable housing options for visiting professors we can draw quality professors to our school.

6462-903-Leadership Develop

The national church leadership is moving ahead with the training of church leaders through the Bethel Bible Institute in Korhogo as well as attempting to continue training through the Senoufo Bible Training by Extension Program. They have instituted, for the first time in many years, a summer training course for pastors, already in leadership, to do continuing education for ministry. (Church)

6462-904-Nyarafolo Scripture-in-Use

The Nyarafolo people are still majority pre-literate, and need both literacy training and access to audio-Scriptures in order for the Bible in their language to be used. The Nyarafolo Scripture-in-Use Project will enable the Nyarafolo people to have access to their Scriptures and other resources in their language through the provision of literacy training, audio-recording, and related activities. The four members of the team will pursue the aspects of ministry in which they already have experience: literacy training and production of literature, audio-recording of Scriptures and other teaching resources, and promotion of these materials and of the printed Scriptures through conferences and other venues. One member is specifically devoted to literacy. One member was co-translator with Linnea Boese for OT and NT portions and his passion for the Scriptures will spur him on to record them in audio format, and to incite the interest of believers and unbelievers through teaching and the outreach of the Nyarafolo Group that he directs. (They also make Scripture-based songs that spread the teaching in a popular way). Both he and the literacy worker are gifted preachers and teachers, too. The third member is a self-trained computer specialist who does the printing of Nyarafolo literature, and has learned to do audio-recording. The fourth specialized in translating our drafts of Nyarafolo Scriptures into French (for consultant check), so is also trained in computer use. He will be developing Sunday School materials in Nyarafolo (children's ministry is his passion in his home church in Tiepogovogo village), as well as assisting in other ways as needed.

6462-906-Bethel Library

This project provides funds for new resources in the Bethel Institute library in Côte d’Ivoire. The resources will help equip students for their future leadership positions in the church. (Education)

6462-908-IBB Professorial Support

Since 1990, Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) has been playing a significant role in the training of Christian laymen, pastors and leaders of the evangelical community in West Africa. The 2007-2008 school year began the 17th year with a student body of 20 full-time students, all of whom intend to serve in churches and outreach in the years to come! (Education)

6462-910-BEE Manual Production

The De-centralized Program of Biblical Education for the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Côte d’Ivoire (PEDEBE-CI) is a unique training program entirely written in Cebaara, one of the major Senoufo languages of northern Côte d’Ivoire. More than 400 people have been trained through this program. It has also had a significant impact in the development of leaders for churches. For the average farmer in a village setting, this program permits him to gain a better understanding of the Christian life, the life of the church, and provides him tools necessary for influencing his community for Christ. All this theological training taking place where he can remain home working his farm instead of leaving to participate in a four-year residential Bible School. (Church)

6462-913-IBB Classroom

A donor has agreed to match all donations for this project. Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) is a four-year Bible school whose sole purpose is to train pastors for the church in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond. It is the primary training institute available to over 300 Baptist churches with whom WorldVenture partners with in Côte d’Ivoire. (Education)

6462-914-Theology Reference Materials

This project puts into the hands of leaders free theological works in French that they could never afford. (Church)

6462-915-Church Roof

This project provides money to purchase materials to put roofs on church buildings. Church members typically do the bulk of the work clearing the land, making or buying bricks, building walls, making windows and finishing off the building. The roof tends to cost more than what the church can afford. (Science & Medicine)

6462-932-Ferke Hospital Fund

Giving to this project is the perfect opportunity to diversify contributions as the money will help many projects associated with the Ferke hospital in Côte d’Ivoire. This project supplements the cost of construction, education and equipment purchases as needed. Money is dispersed based on the urgency of the request. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-933-Baptist Hospital Compassion

In this time of crisis/post-crisis, the people are really hard hit economically and had trouble purchasing even the basic needs of life. Health care, although necessary, is often ignored until the last minute, which only increases prices for restoring ill health. It is hard to distinguish often times between the truly needy and those who "want something for nothing." (Social Sector & Family)

6462-934-Hospital Education

Renumbered from 6463904 CI/MMT Hospital Education. This project provides the needed funds for national hospital workers in Cote d'Ivoire to receive further medical training. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-935-Hospital Medical Equipment

Renumbered from 6463905 CI/MMT Hospital Medical Equipment. The Baptist Mission Hospital seeks to provide the best medical care possible according to its capabilities. Up-to-date and well-maintained equipment is a necessity in meeting this goal. This project provides funds for the purchase of equipment, including an x-ray machine, operating room equipment, and other medical and lab equipment. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-937-Community Health Torogo

The medical workers in Côte d’Ivoire wish to help people where they are in their homes and villages through health teaching and counseling. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-940-Ferke Baptist Primary School

The Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire (AEBECI) recognizes a need for evangelical primary and secondary schools. The AEBECI seeks to meet the educational needs of the Baptist church community and to be an outreach to non-Christian children and their families. (Education)

6462-942-Generator Baptist Hospital

The Baptist Hospital of Ferkessedougou serves by providing quality medical care and by announcing the Gospel to all who visit. It serves a wide population in northern Côte d’Ivoire, which has experienced civil unrest for over ten years. Most recently the country underwent daily power outages that lasted two months. During that time, the hospital had to use its own generators to provide the necessary electricity. The hospital currently has two old generators that are barely adequate and in need of replacement. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-945-FBH Prof. Subsidy

The Baptist Hospital in Feressedougou provides health services for the general rural population, which cannot support the salaries of medical professionals. A mission hospital is able to function in an independent financial state and be self-sustaining only due to the fact that the salaries of the professional personnel are subsidized through the support packages of the missionary professionals. (Social Sector & Family)

6462-964-Literature Production

This project provides funds to workers in Côte d’Ivoire for the production of Christian literature. (Arts & Entertainment)

6462-966-Nyarafolo Translation

This project provides funds for the translation and distribution of the Bible in the African language of Nyarafolo. (Church)

6462-967-Compassion Fund

This project will provide humanitarian aid for needy families, primarily believers and especially widows and orphans. (Government)

6462-976-Nyarafolo Church Assistance

This project provides starter funds for Nyarafolo church members in Tiepogovogo to implement their strategy of growing extra corn to cover the basic food needs of their pastor. Additional revenue will then be used for the following growing season, and to assist other churches interested in implementing the same concept (Church)

6462-977-Girls Christian Vocational School

In response to the needs of the church, parents and young women, the Association of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Côte d’Ivoire established the Girls' Christian Vocational School to provide educational training for young women. (Education)

6462-987-CCFF Scholarship Fund

The Christian Center for Girl's Formation scholarship fund is for the vocational school that will equip young women by leading them to a relationship with Jesus. It will also provide them with an occupation that will help them break out of the cycle of poverty.

Czech Republic


Through the vehicle of sports, UPWARD provides a fun, reliable and encouraging sports experience for boys and girls in K5 through 6th grade. UPWARD emphasizes character and integrity. It also presents the gospel to each child, providing them an opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The WorldVenture Czech Republic team plans on holding an UPWARD basketball league beginning December 2009 to impact the lives of children in their community. (Church)

6439-902-National Workers

The Christian Education and Life ministry has staff members at universities in five cities throughout the Czech Republic. Funds from this program will help support the staff members serving on the campuses as well as the pastors receiving training through this ministry. (Church)

6439-903-Church Planting

Funds will be used for start-up costs associated with church planting activities initiated by Czech pastors working in partnership with our personnel. (Church)

6439-908-Youth Prague

The purpose of the project is to help fund strategic youth ministries in Prague, Czech Republic, to Czechs, international third culture kids (TCKs) and missionary kids (MKs). (Church)


1 out of 6 records are hidden for security reasons.

6485-902-Mustard Seed Church

These funds will supplement donations made by members of Mustard Seed Church in Loja, Ecuador, and help purchase property and construct the church building. (Church)

6485-904-Compassion Guayaquil

The Compassion Guayaquil Equador project consists of compassion ministries for human trafficking victims and for children who have lived or are living on the streets. (Government)

6485-905-Leadership Development

This particular project is intended to provide resources for leaders that are involved in church planting. (Church)

6485-906-Bloom International

Bloom International will be a project beginning in Guayaquil and, Lord willing, reproduced in various other parts of the country. The project will provide respite care for victims of sexual abuse and/or exploitation as well as long-term assistance with families and victims. We will work in partnership with Peace and Hope International to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for victims. (Government)

6485-907-Crisis Relief Effort

On April 16, 2016, a massive 7.8 earthquake took place off the coast of Ecuador affecting the provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas. 655 people were killed, 1,100 buildings were destroyed and over 29,000 people are living in shelters. Hundreds of aftershocks have left the Ecuadorian people traumatized and afraid. The WorldVenture Ecuador field (Calvas, Foldens and Messicks), in partnership with the Semilla de Mostaza (the Mustard Seed) church in Loja, other local churches, and missionaries from the province of Loja are working together on behalf of Christians from this region to provide relief to the affected area. Immediate aid is a priority, and the local body of believers in Loja continues to collect and deliver supplies to people in need through Samaritans Purse. This will be an ongoing need for some time as more than 50,000 people are without day to day necessities. The next priority will be to help with rebuilding. The WorldVenture Ecuador field working with Semilla de Mostaza want to partner with a church in a small community affected by the earthquake in order to assist in rebuilding efforts. Our desire is to use the expertise that exists both within the team and the church to help rebuild several small houses or churches while strengthening the gospel presence in the community. This will be an ongoing relationship with several work teams travelling to the region over the next months, coupled with planned outreach in the community during this time (counseling, evangelism), and in the future (a VBS in the community) A small team will travel to the coast May 2,2016 to assess the need and identify a community where we can best help. The first work team is planned for May 15-21. Thank you for your financial support of the crisis relief and rebuilding efforts in Ecuador. May God be glorified as the local church reaches out in Jesus' name.


Europe MENA


1 out of 12 records are hidden for security reasons.

6410-901-Faremoutiers Building Fund

Faremoutiers is a new church started in 2005 to the east of Paris, in a region where people travel many miles to find an evangelical church. People have been converted and baptized, and the church has grown to 50. (Church)

6410-903-France Belgium Bible Institute

The goal of this project is to provide a way for those in the U.S. to financially support the Belgian Bible Institute in Brussels, Belgium. The Belgian Bible Institute is the only French-speaking evangelical school for training church leaders in Belgium. It has existed for almost 100 years and is experiencing a time of renewed growth and influence. (Church)

6410-904-Chevry-Brie Worship Center

The WorldVenture France team is in the process of advancing the worldwide objective of establishing new churches. We are starting with a church in the Brie region of France, specifically in the town of Chevry-Cossigny, which will serve a larger community including the hub city of Brie-Comte-Robert. They are unable to invite anyone due to lack of space. This new facility would have an immediate impact on attendance, membership, and lives reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ! (Church)

6410-906-Pioneer Pastor Fund

This fund is in place to help support French pastors in young churches. While pastors are asked to raise most of their own salary needs, additional funds are still required. As time goes on the church will take on more of the financial need. (Church)

6410-907-Training for Youth for Christ

This project is designed to help train French young people for Christian ministry. There are four main parts to this project: Plateforme-Connect This is the main tool in France that informs and guides young people to ministries and church groups of Evangelical French network to enable them to find their ministry. The PULSE Network (PULSE – Prayer, Unity, Worship, Service, Edification) This group organizes inter-denominational nights for edification and evangelization INTERNSHIP This program proposes to train church youth group leaders and para-church youth leaders. These courses are meant to be a springboard to ministry and a link to Bible schools and seminaries Ministry Development This is meant to develop skills of youth pastors through specialized classes for Bible institutes and the launch of a data collection and projection program for youth for the National Evangelical Network

6410-908-The New Church in Torcy, France

This project will permit the growing and dynamic new church plant in Torcy, France, to buy and adapt a 260M2 (2,800 sq. ft.) building that would allow it to continue to grow and expand its ministry in the city. They have outgrown their current facilities and, as a result, their ministry impact is being lessened.


The OIKOS House project moves to the next level with this funding. To facilitate recruiting efforts, OIKOS (Greek for "household"), helps reduce the living costs of short-term workers in Paris, France. Funds will be used to continue the refurbishment of the building, purchase needed ministry equipment and provide support for an evangelism project the team will be doing in 2006. (Church)

6410-910-Le Mee Sur Seine Worship Center

Le Mee Church in the Seine et Marne region in France is rapidly growing. People are turning to the Lord at an astonishing rate. The biggest hurdle for the church is the lack of space to hold the new believers. They want to continue to increase the witness and the impact of their church. The Le Mee sur Seine Worship Center project will help the church to better impact their town and region. They want to move to a larger space, more adequate for the number of people they want to reach.

6410-911Strasbourg Community Center

- To facilitate the integration of marginalized peoples into the fabric and ways of life in their new community. - To create a space to restore the dignity, value, purpose, and competency of the whole person for the benefit of the individual, the family, and the community. - To catalyze the contribution of one's unique identity and culture for the good of society. - To find people of peace in order to help them discover the Gospel, be restored in Christ, and sent on mission to facilitate the multiplication of disciples and churches in the 8 neighborhoods of Strasbourg comprised of Unreached peoples and back into their countries of origin. - To model, equip, and launch new leaders to engage their communities with the Gospel in faithful and fitting ways.


6430-907-Watson Ministry Travel

This fund will contribute to travel expenses for facilitating creative and continuing church planting and church leadership development. (Church)


6497-902-Leadership Empowerment Center

Ghana's Nkwanta Leadership Equipping Center will be the hub for training rural pastors and church leaders for the Ghana field. The facilities will include: -Missionary Housing--housing for missionaries who will serve the district on a long-term basis. -The Wilfred Sewodie Christian Education Resource Center--a book library, computer lab and small group meeting facilities. -Holistic Equipping Center--lecture hall, classrooms, multimedia resources and community economic development training facilities. -Student and Guest Lodging--affordable and comfortable lodging for pastors in the program and visiting short-term missionaries. (Church)

6497-906-THRIVE Farms

THRIVE Ventures is a community economic development project designed to both provide opportunities for WorldVenture Ghana to sustain their work apart from funding from the USA and provide opportunities for Christian entrepreneurs to grow healthy businesses that will sustain their families. (Science & Medicine)

6497-908-The Love Foundation-A Children's Charity Home

The children's charity home provides a safe and clean place for orphaned children in Nkwanta to live. The home also provides the children with food, clothing, shoes, shelter, schooling, medical care, toys, sports programs, crafts and other extracurricular activities. The orphanage is distinctly Christian and is staffed by Christians who provide biblical instruction daily. (Church)


Recognizing the need for building a strong Christian leadership foundation for the community in which we live and serve, WorldVenture Ghana in partnership with the founders and board of the New Life Preparatory School will endeavor to revamp the school and create an evangelical primary school with a focus on developing in young people the characteristics of Christian leadership. Early childhood educators are expected to visit summer of 2014 to assist in the revamping of the school. Residents of this community who adhere to multiple religious and non-religious faiths outside of Christianity want their children to have the very best education possible and would willingly send them to an overtly Christian school if they believe it offers the best education. A school offering education led by US teachers communicates quality and excellence in education. Children of both Christian and non-Christian parents will be verbally exposed to the Gospel and witnesses of the Gospel being lived out in front of them each school day. (Church)


10 out of 25 records are hidden for security reasons.

1000-000-Global Mission Fund

When you give to the Global Mission Fund, you are, quite literally, giving to God's global effort through WorldVenture in more than 65 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the South Pacific. God uses your gift to the Global Mission Fund to help make possible the global ministry of hundreds of workers, projects, and initiatives that are engaging the world for gospel impact. Thank you for partnering with us. (Church)

1200-008-Jamison and Kathryne Pals Memorial Fund

The Jamison and Kathryne Pals Memorial Fund will be used to accelerate Appointees in their departure for their missionary assignments.

1200-019-Make An Impact

Make an impact by giving a meaningful gift to worldwide gospel ministry today!

1200-500-Public Health Initiatives

“The Poisoning of an American City” (Flint, MI) “1 of 7 Babies Exposed to Zika Has Birth Defects” “Tuberculosis Remains World’s Deadliest Infectious Disease, Says World Health Organization” What do these headlines have in common? They represent public health issues…issues that can’t be solved by treating one person at a time, issues that need to be addressed in a more comprehensive way, often over a long period of time. Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live and work. Public health efforts solve problems to bring long-term, health-related benefit through sustainable changes at the community, regional, national or even global level. Notice that the focus is not on the individual but on the community! An unhealthy environment, one with air pollution from open fires or mosquitos that carry disease or water contaminated with parasites, is an environment where no one has the opportunity for optimal health. Join the public health community we are building! Contact me at if you would like to join a global public health community. Please contact me at if you would like to get my personal ministry newsletter. “…Act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8.

1300-001-Engage The World (75th Anniversary Fund)

For WorldVenture's 75th anniversary, we are asking you to "Engage The World" by supporting efforts and initiatives to reach the unreached! Billions don't know Jesus. We're not okay with that! And we know that you aren't okay with that, either. Your support of this campaign will help us send more workers to more unreached peoples throughout the earth. WorldVenture was "Founded on the Word and Focused on the World." Now, help us "Finish the Task!" Together, we are engaging the world for gospel impact. (Church)

6158-861-Kelsey Lane/Media Ministry Trip

Thank you for supporting Kelsey Lane's WorldWide Media Ministry throughout 2017-2018. She has already completed over 50 projects with more than 35 partner organizations and WorldVenture workers in 11 different countries. God used your faithfulness and generosity to provide media services that are often cost-prohibitive to workers and organizations overseas. As Kelsey begins her new role with WorldVenture and concludes her Pathfinder ministry, she has one last Pathfinder trip to complete. And the projects she is slated to create out this trip are some of the most important projects yet. Please help us raise the final remaining funds she needs to complete this ministry odyssey that has advanced God's Kingdom all over the world. (Media)

6426-907-MEGA II Conference

Missional Educators in a Globalized Age (MEGA) is a professional symposium for WorldVenture missionaries and nationals partnering with WorldVenture. This project will help cover the conferences expenses. Costs may include travel and accommodations, program resource materials and conference follow-up networking. (Church)

6426-910-EMT Europe

The first position responsibility for an International Ministries Director (IMD) is regional leadership team development. The IMDs are responsible for building and empowering a cohesive regional leadership team multiplying the directors' leadership in overseeing, coaching-in-ministry, caring for, and administrating WorldVenture personnel in the region. The IMDs are also responsible for the budgeting and financial management of the regional leadership team needs. (Church)

6440-900-Good Sam General

While much aid has already been provided to Haiti, thousands of Haitian men, women and children have an ongoing need for food, water and medical treatment . It is our prayer to replenish our Good Samaritan Fund so our partners can continue to provide basic supplies as necessary to the Haitians, and have a substantial crisis fund that allows them to respond quickly and in the greatest time of need. The Good Samaritan Fund enables WorldVenture to respond with Christian compassion to the physical and material needs of people, especially in disaster or crisis situations. The funds may also be allocated for longer term disaster-related development projects The Good Samaritan Fund has been used for war relief in DR Congo and Sri Lanka, and flood relief in Brazil, Argentina and the Philippines. Funds have also provided medical care and medicines in Africa. The love of Jesus compels us to give aid to our neighbors in desperate need and the Good Samaritan Fund is a crucial component of WorldVenture's first response. Your one-time or regular gift to The Good Samaritan Fund will help WorldVenture missionaries provide the necessary resources to respond rapidly to human suffering and needs. (Science & Medicine)

6440-908-Good Sam Syrian Relief

As the weather turns cold, we ask that you demonstrate Christ’s compassion by giving to these refugees, especially the families, and helping them survive this winter. Please prayerfully consider a special gift this Christmas season. (Government)

6440-965-Good Sam Japan Earthquake

With each passing day, the news out of Japan remains grim in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disasters. News of the crippled nuclear reactors and release of radiation only compound the stress and grief of survivors. In these dark hours, many individuals and churches want to express the love of Jesus by giving to help relieve the immediate and overwhelming needs in Japan. The WorldVenture team in Japan is hosting the coordination of relief efforts in their ministry center in Tokyo. Several of our missionaries are in the most devestated parts of Sendai right now volunteering and sharing the love of Christ. We have passed our original $100,000 dollar (?8,093,000 yen) goal, and want to thank all those who gave. Because the needs surpass $100,000, and we are more than ever able to put all of these funds to powerful immediate and long term use, we are continuing receiving donations. Every sacrificial gift will be made full use of in our Relief, Rebuilding, and Restoration plan. DONATE TO THE RELIEF EFFORT How will my donations be used? While many in the U.S. are eager to help, being able to go right now is a logistical challenge. We will post opportunities to help in the coming days. To learn more about WorldVenture's ministry in Japan, visit the Japan Baptist Fellowship website at Subscribe to WorldVenture Updates on Disaster Relief in Japan ? Updates from our missionaries on the ground in Japan. We post updates as soon as we receive them. Click here to see them all ? A video created by WorldVenture missionary Kevin Laverman documenting his experience of relief work and church response in tsunami-devastated northern Japan. (Government)

6489-901-Medical Care in Africa and Asia

A medical relief program to help children crushed by extreme poverty and deeply ill from preventable conditions. Everyday, WorldVenture medical facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and Pakistan see people die from preventable conditions such as malaria, parasites and amoebic dysentery because it is just too late for treatment. Unfortunately, families often don't receive medical care until it comes down to life or death. Jesus healed the sick and dying, and God has continued healing by giving wisdom to mankind to develop technology and medicines. But unless we are able to reach far enough, these healing hands cannot touch the needy. WorldVenture medical missions need to expand their resources and capabilities to bring vital medical help before it's too late. It doesn't take much. A gift of $30 will provide a medical exam, necessary lab tests and medicine for one person. And only $25,000 will provide the salaries of a national registered nurse and a trained doctor for one full year. We are still hopeful that by the end of this year we will have the funds to hire a full-time nurse and doctor. (Social Sector & Family)



6466-901-English Language and Ministry Center Startup

"Can you teach me English?" This is the question we hear nearly every time someone learns we are from the U.S. After hearing this question time and time again, we began to realize that God was leading us to use this felt need to meet people and share the Gospel with them. The result of this realization is the English language and Ministry Center (ELMC). The ELMC provides English classes to young adults and professionals. It provides a venue to meet new people and build ongoing relationships with them all the while meeting a real felt need of theirs. The Bible is openly taught as part of the English language curriculum, and we seize every opportunity to share the Gospel with our students. Funds raised for the project are used for the start-up costs of the center such as furnishing the facility and providing equipment and curriculum. Some funds are also used toward ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, and security. (Education)

6466-906-The Beachhead Upper Guinea Mission Advance

We want to see all aspects of Upper Guinea transformed by Christ. Less than 0.2% of Upper Guinea’s 2 million people are Christians. The third and fourth largest cities in the country are in this area. This is an area of significant unemployment, corruption, and need. Our vision is to improve the spiritual, economic, intellectual, governance, social – all aspects of Upper Guinea touched in order to grow Christ’s Kingdom. The Beachhead project is 1 mile from the city center of Kankan, which boasts an estimated population of 250,000 people, several universities, a large military camp, and the seat of regional government and trade. (Church)

6466-909-Compassion Needs

This project serves those in great physical need that I encounter in my international work. At times, it will provide shelter for someone with damage to their thatched roof. On almost a daily basis, it provides medication for those with physical ailments from my home stocked pharmacy. For example, I am helping a man pay for the insulin he needs to hold his diabetes in check. Other times it helps kids to be able to go to school who otherwise would not be able to go. Thanks for helping me extend the compassion of Christ in tangible ways to those in need. -Brenda

Hong Kong

1 out of 2 records are hidden for security reasons.

6414-903-New Friends

Each day 150 immigrants from the Chinese World enter Hong Kong. Funds from this project will be used for outreach activities through English summer camps. (Church)


3 out of 3 records are hidden for security reasons.


6415-904-Khudawn- Boyhst

The object of Khudawandpur Boys Hostel is to provide living facilities in a Christian atmosphere, with adequate food every day, Christian education such as Sunday School, daily private and group devotions, producing literate and educated boys. KBH is for boys studying in 5th through 12th grades. Every year at least one or two boys accept Christ as Savior. In the 10 years since KBH was restarted, at least 15 boys have matured enough in their Christian walk to be baptized and are local leaders. (Education)

6473-903-Dharma Deepika

Dharma Deepika is a journal of South Asian missiology addressed to university professors, graduate students, researchers, theologians, academicians, and leadership in the South Asian communities and the diaspora. (Media)

6473-905-Scholarship Fund

This project provides funds to promising young people in India for training in theology or professional fields. (Church)

6473-907-Mylapore Institution

This project provides funds for the work of a Christian training school in India. Indigenous church groups have a story to tell. Donations will provide for scholarships to promising young scholars who will be trained to preserve and promote indigenous Christianity. (Education)

6473-908-Ashta Kiran

This project provides financial support to Indian missionaries who are serving with Rays of Hope, a national mission organization in India. (Church)

6473-909-Miis Fund

This project is designed to provide funds for land and a building for four expanding ministries in India. (Science & Medicine)

6473-910-Asain Christian

This project provides funds for the development of a resource book documenting the history of Christianity in India. The purpose of the work is to provide a record of Christian history in this area of the world. Needs include salaries, equipment, travel, lodging, food, resources and other operational expenses. (Media)


2 out of 20 records are hidden for security reasons.

6416-903-Bethesda Hospital Buildings and Infrastructure

Bethesda Hospital was established in 1974 to share the good news of salvation in Jesus with the people in West Kalimantan. Buildings and site infrastructure require constant maintenance, replacement, remodeling and new construction. Funds will be collected in this account and disbursed as new projects are identified and published. (Social Sector & Family)

6416-906-Bethesda Hospital Equipment

Medical equipment is expensive and needs ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement. Funds will be collected in this account and disbursed as new projects are identified and published. (Social Sector & Family)

6416-907-Bethesda Hospital Dorcus Fund

Bethesda serves many patients who are the poorest of the poor including children and people with physical handicaps as well as many social outcasts (such as AIDS patients). Donations are given in the name of Jesus and used to subsidize the medical care provided for these patients – being mindful to distribute this aid in such a way that it encourages self-reliance and shared responsibility for health care.

6416-908-Bethesda Ministries Staff Education

This fund supports higher education costs for carefully selected, qualified mature Indonesian believers who are called to serve long term through their profession as healthcare workers serving the rural poor of Indonesia in the name of Jesus.

6416-909-Bethesda Academy of Nursing

Funds raised will be used to help maintain and upgrade nursing school buildings and infrastructure. Funds will also be used to provide scholarships for qualifying students in need. (Social Sector & Family)

6416-910-Medgo (Supporting Missionaries)

MedGo (Medical Go) was established in 2007 for the purpose of recruiting and sending committed Indonesian Christian professionals into remote parts of Indonesia in partnership with local churches to provide compassionate, high quality, affordable healthcare in the name of Jesus. (Social Sector & Family)

6416-913-Village Health Ministry Outreach

In 1980, a lethal measles outbreak among hundreds of children in surrounding villages led WorldVenture missionaries and Bethesda staff to establish a village health outreach effort. This outreach continues to this day, effectively serving remote and remote village communities with assistance in vaccinations, clean water, sewer, community development and family planning. All in the name of Jesus! (Church)

6416-915-Bethesda Ministries General Fund

Supporting Bethesda Health Ministries (Hospital, Nursing Academy, Village health outreach) in evangelism, discipleship, church growth.

6440-955 Good Sam Indonesia

A horrific earthquake and tsunami occurred in Donggala, Palu, Central Sulawesi on September 28, 2018. The current death toll is nearly 1,500. The special project will help to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the survivors, working towards expansion of God's kingdom by using Disciple-Making Movement practices.

This is one of the unreached and unengaged provinces of Indonesia. We already have crosscultural workers on the ground and have others slated to go into this area. We believe we can be effective in the short-term relief and long-term needs such as job-training, re-allocation of people, and career-training. We will also aggressively follow-up with discipleship with spiritually responsive people.

The special project will help to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the survivors, working towards expansion of God's kingdom by using Disciple-Making Movement practices.

Phase 1 - Emergency disaster relief, trauma counseling, looking for persons of peace

Phase 2 - Re-building and healing of individuals and communities, Discipleship and follow-up of persons of peace and their families

Phase 3 - Reconstruction, Stabilizing, Training up leaders for house churches

We will have a strong spiritual basis to all of our relief efforts through daily listening, prayer and worship. In all efforts over three years we will incorporate Disciple-making Movement practices looking for persons of peace who are open spiritually.

Central Sulawesi is an area where we have planned to move into for years prior to the tsunami disaster. There are seven large-sized unreached people groups and four unengaged, unreached people groups in this area, making it an extremely spiritually-needy province. This disaster situation provides an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural workers to assist with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It creates a natural avenue for believers to enter with God's love and gospel message.

We will work in three phases over a three-year period, adopting communities where the survivors willingly participate in their own recovery. The immediate phase includes setting up a base camp to run operations, distribution of supplies such as food, drinking water, medicines, tents and tarps. It will also include initial clean-up efforts, trauma counseling, restoration of light and water sources, installing electricity, and meetings with duty relief officers. The second phase will be continued clean water projects, reconstruction of housing, and helping with interim shelter sites for schools. Long-term will include resettlement of displaced persons including orphans and widows, and job training for employment opportunities through micro economic loans, and home industry projects.

Three-year Budget Plan with possibility of Five Years: Total $300,000

PHASE 1 - Contract or purchase of facility for base camp - $30,000 Initial truck for aid distribution and transportation of volunteer teams - $7,200 Optional second work vehicle - $7,000 3 motorbike - $3,000 Immediate supplies - tents, tarps, food, water, emergency supplies, generators - $8,000 Long-term national coordinator - $3,500 annually Transportation for WorldVenture personnel & national personnel overseeing relief, and assisting - 8 Round-trips annually for 3 years - $2,400 annually Maintaining base camp facility - $5,000 annually - water, electricity, telephone, internet, office

PHASE 2 - Clean up projects - $5,000 Reconstruction of houses - 20 crude basic homes $5,000 each - $100,000 Interim shelter site - 2 schools $5,000 each - $10,000 Public bath/ toilet facilities - 4 for $3,000 each - $12,000 Reconstruction of churches - $10,000 each - $30,000

PHASE 3 - Job training for employment opportunities. Micro loans - $30,000 Home industry training - $15,000

6477-901-Arts & Worship

Encouraging the use of ethnic arts and music to reach least-evangelized people is a major focus of this project. Funds will be used to train lay people in local churches, and provide scholarships for promising, talented worship leaders. (Arts & Entertainment)

6477-903-Mercy Bridge Indonesia

Through Mercy Bridge, lives are being changed both now and for eternity. Working with local Christian leaders in Indonesia, Mercy Bridge provides scholarships for education and hope for families in desperate need. (Education)

6477-904-International Partners

This project will help support international partners as they work with WorldVenture and assist Indonesia's national association of churches. (Church)

6477-907-Church Planting Among UPG

This project provides funds for supporting national workers in Indonesia who are ministering to the 131 mega least-evangelized people groups. The goal is to establish healthy reproducing churches in each people group's mother tongue. Along with funding this project, the team hopes churches will adopt an unreached people group to pray and send short-term teams. (Church)

6477-914-Church Planting in Cities/Villages

In the past five years, 35 churches have been established, doubling the number of churches in the area. This project provides funds to church planters in Indonesia by providing resources needed to develop a new church. (Church)

6477-916-Seminary Student Aid

Students studying at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia are required to establish a church before graduating. It has been an amazing testimony for the school when 100 graduating students have won to the Lord and baptized at least 1,500 individuals. (Church)


Many seminary students in Indonesia have suffered great trauma in their lives from abuse or rejection because they are Christians. For them to be effective in ministry, they need to work through these issues with a counselor. (Social Sector & Family)

6477-922-Mini Pact

This project brings together U.S. churches and Indonesian churches to establish healthy reproducing churches in Indonesia. (Church)




This project will help cover the costs of organizing and hosting conferences focused on developing deeper relationships with national Baptist churches. (Church)

6445-902-Worship Venue

Funds will be used to cover rent and renovation expenses related to facilities used for church worship, and evangelistic and discipleship events. (Church)

6445-909-Carrickmacross Evangelism/Ministry/Training Center

In 2009 – after 15 years in barely adequate rented facilities – God miraculously provided the Baptist mission church in Carrickmacross, Ireland, with its first property to serve as a base in the community for Christian worship, evangelistic outreach, ministry and training. Shortly afterwards “Woodlands Christian Center” was completely renovated and expanded through the hard work and financial sacrifice of church members – and with significant help from this fund’s donors. Funding is still needed to complete the approved building plans by erecting a much larger worship area. Unfortunately, if it is not possible to erect at least the shell of this major addition before the end of 2018, the current building permit will expire and renewing it will involve much more costly restrictions and requirements. We believe that God means for the expansion of this facility to enable the believers in Carrickmacross to better reach out to lost and hurting people in the northeastern part of the Republic of Ireland and to more effectively make and equip disciples for Jesus. (Church)

6445-914-Sports Evangelism

As sports of all kinds are a big part of Irish life, the monies in this fund will be used to pay for equipment, insurance, and other cost. (Church)


Funds from this project will provide for compassion outreach activities including medical care, food, equipment, supplies and other expenses. (Government)

6445-918-New Missionaries

Seeking to recruit team members who will best add to the present team and help us and the prospective applicants decide if this field is the best fit for them, we would like to offer a project which could help those invited to visit the Ireland Field. Bringing potential missionaries to the field will encourage them in their decision-making process to take the next steps in fulfilling God's purposes for them. We feel it’s important to see a place before making a long-term commitment. This project will give us a way to help recruit the right people to serve in Ireland. (Church)



6411-901-Old Mill Camp

This project provides funds to the Old Mill Camp for materials and repairs that need to be completed before the camp can again be occupied by campers. (Church)

6411-902-Pastors Ministry Fund

We have developed a "three-year scale-down*" program that will allow us to strengthen the churches and their giving which will help keep these men in the ministry. Would you make a monthly contribution to help support the churches as they support these pastors? Click here to start your routine giving or to make a one-time gift. (Church)

6411-903-Melito Church Project

The new church has more amenities that we could have expected, but there are several important updates that must be done in order to serve the community effectively. They include new floor surface for the Worship Center and the installation of a commercial grade kitchen. (Church)


MinisteriCB seeks to establish a daughter church while turning over the mother church in Lago Patria to Italian leadership. Funds from this project will help the daughter church purchase a projector and other equipment, and pay rent on their facilities. (Church)

6411-909-Leadership Training

The Istituto Centro Biblico, a 10-year-old training program in Naples, Italy, has been developing leaders in collaboration with local churches. Funds will be used to assist the center in its plans to open other centers throughout Italy. This will also allow the leaders to apply what they are learning in their local setting. (Church)

6411-910-Casoria Evangelism

The original building and parking lot were constructed in 1988 and over the years of weather and normal wear and tear, the parking lot, roof and brick siding have deteriorated. (Church)

6411-918-Festival Evangelism

More than 750 people have come forward to pray to receive Christ through an incredibly effect ministry called Festival! This mega-event takes place every other year and draws thousands of people to a safe, free and entertaining venue where they hear the Gospel clearly presented. Through a long-term partnership with churches in America, God has used Festivals to change the lives of people in Italy and the USA! Visit the Facebook Festival page to see pictures and Can you help support this vital outreach? The need is large and it will take an army of givers to make Festival possible. (Church)

6411-921-Church Planting

This project is to assist the Ostia church in launching a more aggressive outreach in their community by temporarily helping with costs related to rent, evangelistic events, youth outreach, and support for the pastor. This project helps especially the Simmons as they seek to establish this church, train leaders, and help the church collaborate with other churches and become a reproducing church. (Church)


6417-901-Hallelujah Gospel Family Choir Network

Black Gospel music has been popular in Japan for many years now. Non-Christians participate in choirs to sing this music that touches a part of their soul and brings them great joy. This project seeks to develop choir communities sponsored by cooperating churches to develop relationships between the Christians and non-Christians. (Arts & Entertainment)

6417-902-Sendai Baptist Seminary

This project will help fund the translation and development of materials used through the seminary that hopes to become a resource center for church-based theological education. (Church)

6417-903-Iwate Radio

Half the membership of one church in Japan is made up of people who came to Christ as a result of first hearing the gospel via the radio. This fund provides money to keep the broadcast on the air. (Media)

6417-904-Musashi Kosugi Church Start Fund (Kevin & Kaori Laverman)

Kevin and Kaori Laverman; Kawasaki, Japan

Musashi Kosugi, a community just south of us in Greater Tokyo, has seen a recent population explosion, but its 120,000 people still lack an evangelical church witness. We want to make a change for eternity in the lives of many Japanese in Musashi Kosugi. As we look at moving into the community, we also want to be strategic about our future housing. We envision 1st floor “store-front” space for outreach ministries and a new church to gather, and living space above for missionary workers (ourselves) and/or staff.

This project focuses on a strategic location (close proximity to other area church plants, growth/potential of community, and ease of access to major train lines) which will: 1. Empower missionary workers to further their mission and calling in Japan, specifically in the task of multiplying churches. 2. Establish a church more quickly and sustainably (in finances, stability and neighborhood presence, and ease of outreach/church start). 3. Provide housing for missionary workers, or future ministry staff. This project is a key part of our overall strategy for multiplying churches in Southwest Greater Tokyo. Refer to "The Cross Project" online for more information:

Urban Japan is very expensive. A new church hasn’t the means to afford a facility for church work. Yet this lack of space makes it difficult to sustain ministry, create relationships, and form a credible, stable organism. We want to begin our next church (and ministry location with JBF), from a fixed, stable environment. One can’t do outreach activities or gather people (the core of church planting) without a place. But one can’t secure a place without people and funding. Combining housing and ministry in a single location makes it possible to resolve this dilemma.

The primary purpose is new church incubation. A secondary purpose is as a strategic location for WorldVenture workers to serve out of and, directly or indirectly, contribute to the first purpose. We envision a place with convenient access for our missionaries to come to, use their gifts, coordinate outreach ministry, or gather for various purposes. In this way, it would also function to advance our mission purposes broadly. This Musashi Kosugi house would be one location in a small cluster of networked churches.

6417-906-C-on Kinshuko

Funds from this project will be used to develop new ministry programs and support leadership training, discipleship and mission training programs. Help the church in Japan reach and train the next generation for ministry leadership. (Church)

6417-907-New Church Pastoral Support Fund, Kawasak

Denen Grace Chapel in Kawasaki, Japan, will be phasing in full support of a national pastor over a period of three years beginning in January 2010. The intent of this project is to supplement the commitment of the new church in underwriting the pastor's salary. (Church)

6417-908-Japanese Sign Language (JSL) Bible Translation

A video sign language Bible translation frees those unable to hear to study the Bible in their language. What a gift of empowerment to people so often frustrated by a world that doesn't understand. Since 1993, we have been working to translate the Bible into Japanese Sign Language on video formats to meet this need. To date, we have 10% of the Bible translated. We formed a partnership with the Japan Bible Society in 2003, and with their support and our own donor base, we are moving faster. We now have an office with three full- and part-time staff working on the project. (Arts & Entertainment)

6417-915-Japan Hope Miyagi Earthquake Relief

This project will support the efforts of Hope Miyagi, a relief network ministry of the Shiogama Bible Baptist Church near Sendai, Japan which was birthed immediately after the March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2011, they hosted 1,500 volunteers for relief work and have had a great impact on their community. They are planting three house churches. The project focuses on three areas: meeting the physical and emotional needs of people impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, evangelism, and house church planting in the impacted area. (Government)

6417-916-Gospel Manga Project (Treasure Hunt)

Help Kids Find the Greatest Treasure of All Of all the world's Christians, only 4% came to Christ after the age of 30. But 83% came to Christ before the age of 14! With a third of our world still completely unreached, one of the most important questions we can ask is: How can we reach more kids? But let’s take that question to another level: How can we mobilize kids to reach kids? How can we not just reach kids with the Gospel... how can we help kids reach other kids with the Gospel? After all, who better to reach a child than another child? That is the heart of the Treasure Hunt Project... and kids find the Treasure Hunt irresistible! SUMMARY Location: Japan and the World Our Vision: To fulfill the Great Commission by maximizing the most Gospel-responsive generation to reach their worlds: mobilizing kids to reach kids. Our Strategy: The Treasure Hunt Project (THP) is based on using manga (comics) that are now the world standard genre for youth and kids. The THP may be the only global kids-mobilization initiative today. THP is simple, versatile, and inexpensive: -Simple enough for a child to use -Versatile because it works for kids the world over, in both developed and developing nations -Inexpensive because the tool costs pennies per child and can be shared from child to child. Kids reach their friends using the THP Challenge (pocket-manga) and then youth disciple those kids using the THP Venture (discipleship series). Things Needed for Success: The pocket-manga is now in 8 languages with a dozen more in planning. Each language needs $18,000 for full development. Will you help kids in another language discover the greatest treasure of all, Jesus Christ, by contributing to the full development one of our language projects? Learn more at


6417-917-Short Term Missions Van J Brown

Transportation is an important detail in assisting short-term teams who have committed themselves to participating in God's work on the field. This project provides funds to replace the van used to transport short-term teams serving in Japan. (Business)

6417-932-Wheelchairs of Hope

Wheelchairs are so common to us, it is hard to imagine that there are people who don't have access to even a rudimentary chair. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates 20 million people in developing countries need wheelchairs. Wheelchairs of Hope refurbishes and distributes used chairs to those in need in various Asian countries. At the same time, unused equipment is used for Kingdom purpose instead of ending up in a landfill. (Business)

6486-905-Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association

The Deaf of Asia and the Pacific desperately need a Bible in their own language. Since the early 1990s, Japan and Australia have been working on translating the Bible into their Sign Languages (SLs). In 2011, Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association (APSDA) was born with charter members representing work in 12 countries. (Education)


6418-903-Whitman Academy Expansion

Give to the Roy and Dora Whitman Academy – A Christian School in the Holy Land! Roy and Dora Whitman Academy provides a rich curriculum led by committed Christian teachers in Amman, Jordan. The Whitman Academy team creates an environment where students from many nationalities are challenged to integrate a Christian worldview into all their studies. The curriculum also guides students to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of everyone in the Whitman Academy community and beyond. When students go to other places, they have a foundation for learning, living, and loving as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Expansion Strategy 1. Contract with a local seminary in Jordan to share campus space rent-free for 10 years. 2. In exchange for free rent, transform a building into a great K-12 school for 270 students. 3. Continue to be self-sustaining through affordable tuition and careful management. Critical Need 1. Discover 1 million dollars in 2019 for creating our K-12 school on the seminary campus. 2. Transition from our current location to the seminary campus by August 2020. Prayerful Partnerships 1. Join with us in praying to the Lord of the Harvest to provide the needed funding. 2. Visit our website, and learn how to pray more for us. (Education)

6418-904-Theological Education-PTEE Since 1981, the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) has been equipping Arab Christians for leadership through evangelical theological education wherever they live in the Arab world. PTEE's partners in ministry share: 1) PTEE's strategic passion for the Arabic-speaking peoples of the MENA region, 2) PTEE's vision for on-location training and discipleship of current and emerging leaders in the Arab world, 3) PTEE's academic commitment to producing and delivering the highest caliber Arabic-language theological curriculum and educational methodologies in use presently. With classes operating in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and other parts of the MENA region, as well as in Europe and North America, PTEE is uniquely positioned through its regional and global relationships to support and equip local believers in their given context. PTEE offers certificate, diploma, and bachelor's degrees in theology, and its academic awards are officially accredited by the Asia Theological Association. "The Program for Theological Education by Extension is one of the strongest and most reliable methods for studying the Word of God in the Middle East today. The program has a great testimony among the churches in Jordan, and many Christians have joined the program since the beginning and still today, many are involved with PTEE studies. I have taken courses from PTEE on a part-time basis for over twenty years; studying with PTEE has been like a refuge that refreshes my soul, and the godly values that I learned affected my life and work." - a PTEE life-long learner, Jordan "Central to effective theological education is a 'learning balance' between head, heart, and hands. The Program for Theological Education by Extension takes this seriously with solid content that challenges the mind, a relational emphasis through the weekly tutor groups and care from local church leaders, and multiple and immediate opportunities for practical application. I have seen first-hand the transformation impact of PTEE as churches which embrace the program find new and creative vision for Christian ministry. Although I am currently serving in an institutional context, I am a great advocate for the non-institutional approach of PTEE and am excited as I see the constant striving of the PTEE team to find new ways of strengthening the churches of the Arab world." - Perry Shaw, Ed.D., Professor of Christian Education; Director, Educational Ministries Resource Centre, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary VISION PTEE's vision is to develop leaders both men and women through theological education for the growth of the church and the positive transformation of society in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). STRATEGY Current Projects: 1) Program Expansion: PTEE's current five-year strategic plan outlines its commitment to making its program available in every Arabic-speaking country in the Middle East and North Africa by 2020. 2) Curriculum/Program Development: PTEE continues to pursue new course offerings through curriculum development, including "Christian Peacemaking" (presently in field-testing stage), "Understanding Islam" (in writing stage), and "The Christian Life" (research stage). Curriculum development also includes development of its SEED/Certificate of Ministry program, which enables life-long learners to honor their experiences through a secondary education equivalency degree. (Financial Goal: $535,000 per year) 3) Renovation of Ministry Center: PTEE is presently renovating a recently-purchased building that will serve as its Amman-based ministry center. (Financial Goal: $175,000) 4) e-Learning: In addition to its print-based course materials, PTEE is poised to begin development of an e-Learning initiative to reach a wider audience through innovative electronic media. (Church)

6418-909-Sudan Development

Christians in Sudan are moving ahead in developing educational, health and agricultural infrastructure in the south and planting churches in the north and south of Sudan. The Program for Theological Education by Extension is focused on providing leadership education on location. PTEE seeks to build an education extension center in Al Renk, Sudan. Funds from this project will help with expenses for a vision trip to Sudan in preparation for building. (Church)

6418-916-Arab Literature and Leadership

Funds from this project will be used to purchase apologetic literature to share with those throughout the Middle East. (Media)


1 out of 1 records are hidden for security reasons.


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6158-916-2016 Kenya TM-HAT

Jake Hatfield and Jordan Hutchinson are joining our short term team in Kenya, this summer.

6423-904-Sticks 'n Stones

Multiplying followers of Jesus, training leaders and establishing new churches are happening in Durumaland (two hours inland from Mombasa Coast). We want to keep the momentum going by assisting them with the "sticks 'n stones" needed for their new churches. (Church)

6423-909-Binding Up the Broken Hearted

This project provides a means of assisting people, from the least evangelized communities, in extenuating financial circumstances. (Government)

6423-914-NEGST Student School

African leaders from all over the continent come to the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) for training. These people shape the future. While the cost for a year of courses and housing at NEGST is $4,300, this is out of reach to most Africans. This project will provide scholarship money to students who attend the school. The school would like to provide $25,000 annually. (Education)

6423-918-NEGST Alumni Church Planting

Funds will provide seed money to assist graduates from school in their church planting efforts in the slums of Nairobi and southern Sudan. Many students come from these areas. After they've completed their studies, return home, hoping to establish the church in their communities. (Education)

6423-919-NEGST Generation Operation

The money from this project is used to support operation of the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. (Education)

6423-920-Bara Bara Boys

This project is to help fund the ministry to street youth in Mombassa Kenya. Specifically the youth that are part of an ongoing ministry. This project will assist with food, housing and other needs. These boys have been taken off the streets, rehabilitated and are being discipled daily through the current program. This project will also fund the boys educational and school fees.

6423-921-Mombasa Full Size Turf Field

Currently, all quality fields in Mombasa are privately owned fields that the average team and individual youth cannot afford to use. The goal of this project is to build a quality field that will be available for the community at a very affordable rate. Currently, this does not exist in Mombasa, which is a city with over 1 million people. Large percentages of youth in Mombasa are heading towards drugs and down a negative path. This field will provide a positive place where youth can gather and enjoy sports. This field also gives a platform to share positive messages and encouragement to the youth in the community. The field will be a full-sized soccer field that is fenced in with lighting and stands.


6454-901-Children of Tahaddi

Educational and medical ministries are the two main foci of the "Tahaddi" ministry. Funds will be used for a school, where unschooled students can take literacy classes, medical dispensary, kid's clubs, and summer camp. (Social Sector & Family)

6454-902-Safe Haven Home for Girls

As a ministry of Ras Beirut Baptist Church, Safe Haven was founded in 2007 with 3 main objectives: To provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education to girls who have no access to these basic necessities, to teach Biblical values that will shape their character and guide them throughout their childhood and adult lives, and to be a blessing to the immediate families of the girls by modeling and sharing the love of Christ. (Social Sector & Family)

6454-904-International Theological Education/Leadership

This project seeks to encourage and provide expertise for existing and emerging theological training programs throughout the world. Funds will be used for travel expenses; professional training seminars for presidents, academic deans and other institutional leaders; and consultancy opportunities for schools throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. Funds will also be used to support a national coordinator/assistant who will follow-up on the multiple ministry opportunities presented through this project. (Church)

6454-906-Syrian Refugee Ministries

There are currently 2 million refugees in Lebanon a country of only 4 million people. Many come with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Housing and employment are a desperate struggle and many depend on the aid of the UN, NGOs and religious organizations to literally stay alive. In partnership with Ras Beirut Baptist Church, we are helping meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of upwards of 1400 refugee families. (Government)




6401-903-Reforestation Projects

This project partners with local Malagasy communities combating poverty through creation care around their villages, especially through reforesting areas that have been cleared of life-giving trees. (Science & Medicine)

6401-905-Low Income Family Scholarship

This project is to help provide funding for students we encounter whose parents are unable to provide for their children's education. (Government)

6401-909-Sarobidy Maternity Center

The Sarobidy Maternity Center opened in May 2013 in the city of Mahajanga on the northwest coast of Madagascar. Sarobidy is the word for precious in Malagasy. We consider it a privilege to enter into these women's lives--to walk with them, care for them, love them and pray with them. As one woman shared, "now I know that my baby is a gift to me from God"! (Social Sector & Family)


6451-908-Shempire Translation

This project will provide funds to help underwrite the activities needed to translate and print the Bible into Shempire. (Church)


6475-901-Reflejo: Latin American Church Planting

The vision of Reflejo is to be an educational ministry that serves, trains and equips the Mexican church for the fulfillment of the great commission by planting churches and starting ministries throughout Latin America. Mexico and Latin America are filled with difficult to reach places that have never heard the Gospel. In Mexico, the Amazon and in Cuba, we are working together with WorldVenture Mexico and Seminary del Oeste to plant churches in unreached areas. We will be a catalyst to support the national churches of Mexico in planting new churches in Latin America. Our current annual needs to accomplish our six projects is $9,000 annually. This will enable us to serve in Oaxaca, Baja California Sur, Cuba and among the Mixtec people this year.



6440-912-Beira Relief (Good Sam Fund)

Cyclone Idai is being called the 'worst humanitarian crisis in Mozambique's history.' We need to raise funding to help support the communities that were affected by this disaster. And some of our very own international workers are doing ministry right in the heart of Beira!

The situation on the ground in Beira, Mozambique is desperate. 35 kilometers (almost 22 miles) of the road into Beira is flooded, 1,000’s of people are stranded, there is no electricity for the foreseeable future, clean water is extremely limited, and flooding in Zimbabwe puts Beira at risk for more flooding. Plus, the onset of water based diseases will be a serious problem in the future.

But WorldVenture workers are there on the front lines, bringing relief and the hope that only comes through Jesus! You can be a part of this critical effort by praying for the people of Beira and giving whatever you can to help with relief efforts!

"If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person? Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions." (1 John 3:17-18 NLT) (Government)

6484-911-Creative Arts Leadership Development

Christian Alliance for Creative Arts (ACAC) is a multi-disciplinary network of Christian artists and others committed to seeing Christian artists in Mozambique ministering in churches and in society with their art and with their lives. Objectives are to support the spiritual and artistic growth of artists and equip them as church leaders; to present Mozambican arts through a Christian perspective, arts that glorify God; to create a network of production, publication, and commercialization of Christian arts in Mozambique; and to serve as the artistic liaison between foreign religious entities (mission agencies) and the national church. Programs will include worship workshops/consultations, concerts, recording projects and production, arts internship and fine arts classes/arts academy. (Church)

6484-913-Paying It Forward

The idea is to promote discipleship through a foundation that marries cost-of-living expenses for the medical students to spiritual discipleship. The money cycles through four years and after graduation the student pays the money back for the next generation of young doctors. (Social Sector & Family)

6484-914-Project Macua

This project funds multiple projects for the Northern Mozambique team reaching the Macua-Nahara people.

6484-915-Beira United Primary School

Beira is a growing trade city in the heart of a developing Mozambique. The church has matured and aged significantly in the last few years, leaving sober minded Christians with no access to an evangelical educational option. Both the foreign Christian community and the local church feel this need and with proper direction, a non-denominational, city-wide effort can be tasked to train up its children. Our goal is to back the Mozambican church as it looks to train its children in the Christian leadership path. We will do this by establishing a bilingual Christian school that trains the hearts and minds of young students using music as a buttress to Mozambican core curriculum. The school will be connected to an African Inland Mission facility. It is at the head of a swamp that must be drained. This will take about 100 people from the community accomplish. The existence of the school and the community are intimately connected


1 out of 4 records are hidden for security reasons.


6440-975-Good Sam Nepal Earthquake

On Saturday, April 25, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit the capital city of Nepal, killing more than 8,000 people. Then, on May 12, a second large earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck near Mount Everest, killing more than 40. Although seismologists have been predicting a large earthquake in this region of Asia, rescue and emergency efforts were chaotic. Information and Broadcasting Minister Minendra Rijal told Indian television, "Our country is in a moment of crisis and we will require tremendous support and aid." (Government)

6486-903-Church Planting

In a country not open to traditional Western missionaries, this fund seeks to assist nationals in Nepal with sharing the gospel with fellow Asians. From their base in the Philippines, WorldVenture seeks to encourage nationals in Nepal with their church planting efforts. Funds from this project will be used to support a church planter and his ministry focused on establishing a self-supporting church. Now with the new law passed May 2006 that declared Nepal to be a secular state, there is a new window of opportunity for new church planting. A national leader returned to Nepal after finishing his ThM degree and plans to establish one of the first business-class churches in Katmandu. He and his wife have now been conducting a special fellowship of business-class Nepalese on Saturday afternoons, the Nepalese day of worship. (Church)


6424-902-TTS Scholarship Fund

Tyndale Theological Seminary attracts students from all over the world and especially from Eastern European countries, Africa, and Asia. The students are usually Christian leaders in their respective countries and have plans to be evangelists, pastors, theological educators and missionaries in settings throughout the world. The Body of Christ will definitely grow because of the impact of these students. (Church)

New Zealand


3 out of 24 records are hidden for security reasons.

6419-901-Tribal Ministries

Gathered church activities encourage unity, fellowship and growth among the scattered tribal believers. (Church)

6419-902-Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute

The Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute seeks to help people understand the teachings of the Bible through 10 correspondence courses. Funds from this project will be used to provide Bible study materials to people who may otherwise never have an opportunity to study God's Word. (Education)

6419-903-Pakistan Medical Assistance

This project provides the resources needed for poor people associated with a church plant in South Asia to receive medical treatment. Most of them cannot afford even basic medical care. (Social Sector & Family)

6419-904-Shikarpur Christian Hospital

This ongoing project provides funds to help subsidize operating expenses (charity for needy patients and national salaries) of Shikarpur Christian Hospital. (Social Sector & Family)

6419-905-Pakistan Literature

Through this project, funding is provided for the production and reprinting of two kinds of critical resources: those used for evangelism and those used for discipling the emerging church. (Church)

6419-911-Marwari Translation

The goal of this project is to translate the New Testament into the Marwari language and to work towards developing a literacy project which will enable the one million largely illiterate Marwari people to read God's Word in their own language. (Arts & Entertainment)

6419-914-Taj Guest House

Shikarpur Christian Hospital personnel have been pleased to host several short-term nurses. More short-termers are anticipated in the future. (Social Sector & Family)

6419-918-Sindhi Bible Translation

This project funds the translation of the Bible into the Sindhi language. (Science & Medicine)

6419-919-Pakistan-Relief and Development

Thank you for your generosity. With your help, over $100,000 has been raised for Pakistan flood relief. Much-needed care, compassion, medical attention and supplies have helped many Pakistanis endure this crisis. Pakistan has recently been devastated by what many have called an unprecedented disaster. Monsoon rains of almost biblical proportions--some weather experts say a year's worth of rain fell in just one day--caused massive flooding throughout the country, killing many, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and disrupting the lives of millions. The situation is overwhelming, and the need for additional food, medicine and medical workers remains dire. Please pray that God will multiply the "loaves and fishes" being provided to the Pakistani people and for strength for our medical personnel and aid workers, who are working so hard to alleviate the pain and suffering. And, please consider a sacrificial gift today to our Pakistan Relief Fund, so that WorldVenture can continue to provide help and hope to the hurting people of Pakistan. (Government)

6419-920-Pakistan-Member Care Network

The Member Care Network (MCN) is a joint agency effort to pool resources and personnel (both local and visiting) to provide an ongoing series of events designed to strengthen, encourage and equip ministry members in Pakistan. (Business)

6419-921-Pakistan Community Development Program

In the north, the Community Development Program at Shikarpur Christian Hospital exists to empower those who live in the interior Sindh of Pakistan to better themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The program focuses on all local families who are in need or desire to know more about how to identify needs and better themselves. As we walk alongside people from different communities in the Sindh, we desire to help give each of them hope for the future. In the south, the Sindh Community Development project will install water hand pumps, train leaders who will train others in community health education and bring the hope of the Gospel in villages across the Sindh, Pakistan among those who are without clean water, without proper health and education. We mobilize these and other local believers to train national leaders to begin community health programs that will lead to community transformation in these villages. (Business)

6419-923-Church Planting Materials

Funds will help with the translation, printing and mailing of materials, and to purchase print and audio media, and equipment. (Church)

6419-924-Sindhi Bible Printing

Having the Word of God in their mother tongue is an effective evangelistic tool. Many people from the community have a great interest in reading the "previous Heavenly books." This project provides funds to produce the Scriptures in Sindhi, which are then distributed free of cost. (Church)

6419-925-Pakistan Christian Ministry

Funds from this project will be used to follow-up on contacts made through a Christian hospital's ministry. (Church)

6419-927-Pakistan-Oadki Language Translation

In an area of Pakistan where the Bible has not been translated into the local language, workers seek to train translators. (Church)

6419-934-Pakis-Zbi Scholarship

This project provided funds to assist poverty-stricken young people in attending the Zarephath Bible Institute in Pakistan. (Church)

6419-937-MCS General

This project supports a Christian school's operational and special expenses. Funds from this project will help upgrade security at a school for missionary children. (Education)

6419-939-National Leadership Development

A key focus of our work is training leaders. Through regular trainings, personal follow-up and using various materials in Sindhi as well as Urdu, including an extensive set of materials known as Train and Multiply, we seek to build believers up so that they obey everything Christ has commanded them. (Church)

6419-940-God's Unchanging Word

The AAS film will be dubbed into Sindhi and then distributed in various forms to help multiply followers of Jesus Christ. (Media)


Darien Road

There is an ongoing migration of people from countries all over the 10/40 window through South America all the way up to the United States and Canada. Currently, they y to Brazil or Ecuador and travel by land all the way up through Latin America. The most difficult part of the journey is through the Darien Gap which is a lawless area between Columbia and Panama which is almost completely undeveloped and infested with drug/ people traffickers, armed rebel groups, venomous snakes, treacherous mountain ranges ect. Many are injured, robbed or so worn down that they cannot continue on the journey. Those who are able to make it through are likely picked up and detained by the border police after their 8 day journey through the jungle. Some are only detained for days or weeks, but those from Muslim countries are often detained for many months. Provisions for these people are scarce to none as the panamanian border police are very limited in resources and therefore cannot provide for these people. Thus they suffer a broad range of trials during their detention. These needs include but are not limited to: medical, psychological, clothing, food, financial, social.


6420-904-Baptist Evan & Church Plant

The Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP) has set an aggressive goal of growing to 2025 churches by the year 2025. CBAP has targeted key cities across the country in which to field church planting teams, and is also challenging every church to train a pastor from their congregation and plant a daughter church every three years. (Church)

6420-906-Student Training

Funds from this project will support a scholarship fund that will be used to help pastors, church planters and leaders seeking Bible college or seminary training. (Church)

6420-908-CBAP Missions

The Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP) has been promoting missions in its churches and some members are already serving overseas in several Asian countries. This project provides funds for CBAP to train and deploy church members as cross-cultural disciple-makers. (Church)

6420-910-Music 180 Degrees

The 180 Degrees music team consists of youth ages 13-21 who make a two-year covenant to participate in this ministry. The group travels around the country presenting the gospel to youth through music and drama. (Arts & Entertainment)

6420-911-Visayas Church Planting Endowment

This fund will support Filipino church planters who are involved in establishing churches in the central and eastern areas of Visayas, Philippines. (Church)

6420-914-Extension Training

The funds for this project will be used to develop training material, conduct leadership training and pay operational costs for extension training sites around the Philippines. (Church)

6420-916-CBAP Operations

This project assists the growing Philippine association of Conservative Baptist churches by helping them sustain a national office and its ministries in support of local churches. The association serves the churches in pastoral search, conferences and seminars, data-basing, and emergency aid. (Business)

6420-918-CB Ministry Center

This project intends to fund the construction of a ministry center in the metro Manila area for use by all Conservative Baptist ministry organizations for office space, training facilities, a ministry resource center, and overnight guest accommodations. (Science & Medicine)

6420-921-Community Transformation

The transformation of lives in a community should result in changes that go beyond spiritual salvation. Breaking the chains of poverty and dysfunctional social systems is the purpose of this project, by providing seed money for loans to deserving families or groups for starting small livelihood programs. (Government)

6420-922-AGST Doctoral Education Fund

A consortium of eight graduate-level institutions is making doctoral level degree programs available in the Philippines. (Education)

6420-924-CBS Mindanao Training Fund

The Conservative Baptist Seminary Asia (CBS-Asia) is committed to providing quality biblical and theological training to equip pastors and leaders in the Philippines. CBS-Asia has expanded its ministry to various parts of the Philippines and has already provided training opportunities in Mindanao. (Church)

6420-925-Visayas Church Planting Development

Funds are needed to promote church planting initiatives in the Visayas region of the Philippines. (Church)

6420-926-Visayas Land & Building

The Visayas Land and Building project provides seed money for Filipino church planters to purchase land and build churches in Central and Eastern Visayas, in the central part of the Philippines. (Church)

6420-927-Street Kids Education

The target group of this project is out-of-school youth who are unable to attend regular schools because of their family's economic situation. (Church)

6420-928-CBS Asia Operations

CBS/A sponsors regional training centers for lay and pastoral training at the regional level and a pastoral ministries track specifically for pastoral training. It also networks with other schools and provides some scholarship help for qualified students in those institutions. Donations can be designated for regional training centers or office operations and staff. (Church)

6420-931-Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

The purposes of this project are to give immediate relief and to help with rehabilitation for those affected by natural disasters and political conflict. WV workers in the Philippines frequently have opportunities to share the love of God, establish new relationships, and open new doors of ministry by offering help in times of disaster and emergency. (Government)

6420-933-BAM Epicenter

The Epicenter is a Business as Mission project that engages believers in the marketplace, causing them to impact their sphere of influence to bring about the transformation of peoples and societies economically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually for God's glory. (Business)

6420-936-Cebu Divine Business Appointments

The Missional Business Center (MBC) demonstrates compassion with the goal of mentoring individuals/families from underdeveloped communities to start and maintain small businesses as they seek to break the cycle of poverty.

6420-951-ATS Operations

Asian Theological Seminary (ATS), located in Manila, has served the evangelical community for 35 years. With a faculty of mostly Filipinos, the seminary seeks to glorify God by providing quality education that prepares workers for His church in Asia and around the world. (Education)

6420-953-IGSL Operations

IGSL (International Graduate School of Leadership) is a graduate school operated by Campus Crusade for Christ International ("CRU"). This project will assist in its operating costs, scholarships, and development projects. (Church)

6420-956-Church Partnership Evangelism Van

We would like to purchase a new or near new 15 passenger van to be used for transporting CPE teams while they are in country. We are now receiving between six and eight CPE teams each year, each with between four and ten members. Such a vehicle will allow us to safely and quickly get teams to and around their ministry location, eliminating the need to rely on public transportation schedules that are unpredictable, unreliable or unavailable. The van could also be used for various other ministries of the Cebu Philippines team as available and deemed appropriate.


6434-901-Evangelical School of Theology Education Center

This project provides the funds for purchasing educational resources for Poland. These include computer hardware, software, educational materials and equipment, office equipment, and classroom supplies. In the summer of 2005, faculty and students from the Biblical Theological Seminary are planning a missions trip to Bieslan, Russia, where the massacre of school children and parents occurred last fall. The team will host a summer camp for children, provide counseling and do evangelism. Funds will help cover the cost of travel from Poland, supplies, food, and lodging. (Church)

6434-902-New Hope Church Ministry

This project provides funds for the New Hope Fellowship Church in Poland to support the pastoral intern and children's ministries. Donations will also be used to purchase sound and office equipment and materials for the church's home groups. (Church)

6434-903-Lublin Church Ministries

This project helps further church-planting efforts in the Lublin area. The funds will be used to translate and purchase training materials for church leaders, for public relations and advertising, and for discipleship and growth materials. Three church plants have already begun in the area and are in various stages. Two of the three have Polish leaders. We expect two of the churches to be planted within the next five years. (Church)

6434-905-Church Building Fund

This project will provide funds for a new church building in Lubin, Poland. The land is already purchased, so the needs are for the cost of the architectural drawings, the materials, and the labor. (Church)


This project provides funds to churches in Poland that have special ministry-related needs. The money can be used for camps, special events or anything that the church feels will help their ministry. (Church)



6437-908-Camps & Retreats

This project provides funds for camps and retreats in Romania. Young people enjoy attending the events. Funds from this project will be used to conduct a variety of camps and retreats throughout the year. (Church)


Money from this fund goes toward the production and printing of materials and textbooks used in WorldVenture's work in Romania. Distributing Bibles is made possible by these resources as well. (Media)

6437-918-Humanitarian Fund

Prompted by the possibility of natural disasters or similar emergencies in Romania that leave families in great need, it was determined that a special project be created in order to make funds available for such situations. (Government)

6437-920-National Workers Support

National Christian leaders in Romania often have to work two or three jobs in addition to their full-time ministry. This project provides funds to these leaders so that they can devote more time to ministry. (Church)



RussiaWorship, a Russian-registered, non-profit organization, is an international partnership with Russians and ex-patriots from various churches, denominations and mission organizations.Funds from this project will be used for initial start-up funds, production costs for a music CD and copies and salaries. (Media)


6402-903-Rwanda-Childrens Ministry

This project provides funds for supplies and development of children's programs throughout the churches in Rwanda. This project puts “hands and feet” to the gospel, as the children feel the love and support that they often neglect to find at home and do not find in the church. (Church)

6402-905-Pastoral Training Center Construction

This project provides funds for the development and construction of the New Creation Ministries' training center. Besides receiving leadership and discipleship training, students can participate in seminars and round-table discussions of current issues. (Science & Medicine)

6402-906-Rwandan Staff Scholarships

The money from this project will be used to train staff who will then teach at the New Creation Ministries' training center. (Education)

6402-907-Pastoral Student Scholarships

It takes just over $1,800 per year to train a student in the Pastoral Training School (PTS). The students pay $65 per year in fees. We want the students to contribute, but since they are mostly poor rural pastors, we cannot charge them more than this. We want donors to contribute the $1,800 per year not covered by the students' fees. Most of our pastors have only received a primary school education yet are expected to lead the spiritual health of their congregations. If they are not able to understand the scripture how can they care for the spiritual needs of others? The pastors in this program are able to afford only 10% of the total cost of the education and this project allows them to study by providing scholarships for the remaining amount. (Education)

6402-908-New Creation Ministries University Library

New Creation Ministries anticipates advancing the cause of discipleship of national believers on a massive scale by providing Bible students with adequate library facilities. Libraries are rare in Rwanda. Many libraries in Rwanda do not check books out to patrons, because books are often misused or never returned. With full or part-time staff and upgraded software, we would have the capacity not only to keep track of our books, but also to train our students (and other patrons) how to care for books and how to find the ones they need for research. At New Creation Ministries, we want our students to adopt the belief that leaders are readers. The more accessible our library is, the more likely it will be used and enjoyed. Donors may also wish to donate their personal library and may contact us to arrange shipping. (Education)

6402-909-Agricultural Demonstration Center

The goal of this project is to introduce people to new ideas of growing and producing food. Meeting this goal begins with an agricultural demonstration area where research can be done to develop and display new techniques for maximizing yield in minimized spaces. Most of our pastors own less than 2 acres of land and on that land they are supposed to grow all the food they need to survive. Considering that Rwanda is called the "Land of 1,000 Hills", many of the fields are on a significant slope of a 10-40% grade, which leads to significant erosion and loss of soil and nutrients. These two factors result in a poor nutritional diet, with food lasting only 10 months out of the year. By connecting Biblical values and improved farming techniques, we seek to address the spiritual and daily needs of our pastors and their families. (Science & Medicine)

6402-912-Christian Leadership Institute (CLIR)

Currently, New Creation Ministries (NCM) has a unique niche in training leaders for the church in a way that is unparalleled in Rwanda. Bible college leaders and theological educators have repeatedly noted that NCMs strategy for degree level education is unique and will have a powerful impact upon the future of theological education in East and Central Africa. The biggest emphasis for NCM is on training untrained Rwandan pastors in a four-year modular program taught in the Kinyarwanda language. The goal is to see our students transformed as they study God’s word, resulting in a transformed character and a deep desire to disciple others. This transformation happens through teaching but also visiting ministry sites, intentional mentoring and the development of a strong student community. This is a unique combination in the context of Rwanda. (Education)

6402-926-Nationals Training Nationals

This project provides for the operating expenses of New Creation Ministries training center and the salaries for Rwandan staff. The center provides various training opportunities for lay leaders and pastors. The center also holds seminars and round-table discussions of current issues facing the church in Rwanda. (Church)


3 out of 36 records are hidden for security reasons.

6403-901-Evangelical Institute Library

This project provides funds for the purchase of library resources for the Evangelical Institute of Dakar. This institute is the primary church leadership training school in Senegal. (Church)

6403-903-Student Scholarships

This fund was set up to help defer the costs of theological and vocational education for key Christian leaders in Senegal. The cost per student depends on the program they attend and the needs of each person. (Education)

6403-904-Diourbel JES Camp Subsidies

This project will help young people gain training in Christian life and spreading the gospel. Young people's camping programs are a great time to disciple Christian young people as well as see other young people come to Christ. This also offers an avenue of leadership training for upcoming leaders. Young people then use what they have learned to initiate evangelistic outreaches in other villages through music, drama, testimonies, films and preaching. (Church)

6403-907-Wolof Bible Translation #1 Advanced Regional

This fund is for the translation of the entire Old Testament into the Wolof language and the revision of the Wolof New Testament using a translator. The goal is to have the entire Wolof Bible ready for publication by 2020. (Church)

6403-908-Ngaparou Campsite Development

This project provides funds for the renovation and development of a camp on the beach in Senegal. This campsite has been used for many years by people from all over Senegal. Many Senegalese have become Christians at the camp and many Christians have been strengthened in their faith. (Church)

6403-909-Diourbel City Church Construction

A church in Diourbel, Senegal, has been granted a piece of land to build a worship center and dispensary on. This project provides funds for the church to construct and maintain these facilities. (Science & Medicine)

6403-912-Diourbel Radio Studio

The national church association of Senegal has nearly completed building a recording studio for a weekly Wolof radio program. Funds will be used to purchase equipment and train personnel to operate the studio. (Media)

6403-913-Publication of Wolof Scripture

Missions want to see another edition of the Wolof New Testament printed in order to keep their programs of evangelism going, with the objective of planting Wolof churches. We need to print another 20,000 in order to keep up with the demand. (Church)

6403-914-Church Building and Community Center

The goal of this special project is to plant a church in Dakar, Senegal's capital city. This church will use national languages (Wolof and Serer languages targeted) and worship in ways relevant to the culture. This directly fulfills WorldVenture's global priority of establishing healthy, reproducing churches. (Church)

6403-915-Benevolence Fund

This fund is in place to meet the physical needs of people in Senegal. (Government)

6403-916-Training Bible Translation Consultant

This project trains a mother tongue translator in consultant skills, to eventually check Bible translation projects to other West African languages. (Church)

6403-917-ITES Support for Nationals

The Institut de Theologie Evangelique du Senegal (ITES) trains national church leaders to help churches in Senegal. Currently there are a few nationals on staff at the school but ultimately it would be beneficial to have the school run completely by nationals. The administration would like to hire a full-time Senegalese director. (Education)

6403-918-ITES Facilities

The Evangelical Institute of Dakar (IED) is in need of updated facilities. This school trains pastors and lay leaders in Senegal to help strengthen the national church. The funds from this project will be applied to the purchase of an existing building or land where the needed facilities can be built. (Education)

6403-919-John Huffman School Construction

This project provides funds to expand the facilities of John Huffman Christian School in Thies, Senegal. This school provides a Christian education for Senegalese children aged preschool through third grade. The school plans to eventually provide an education up to the 13th grade in order to prepare students for university. (Education)

6403-921-Thies Church Construction

The Thies Church has been going through different phases of construction for 10 years. This year the church hopes to complete the third floor that will be used for Sunday school classes. (Science & Medicine)

6403-923-Scriptures to Music

Putting the scriptures, especially the Psalms, to music, will speak to the heart of the listener and provide interludes for the regular audio recordings that will keep the listener engaged. The objective is evangelism and discipleship.

6403-924-Felix & Joseph of Mekhe

Funds for this project will be used to support Mission Inter Senegal missionaries serving in Mekhe, Senegal. (Church)

6403-925-Church Multiplication Training

The Serer people are experiencing a church planting movement. To encourage the continuation of this movement it is important to train the Serer in church multiplication efforts. Funds from this project will be used to translate and print materials and organize seminars. (Church)

6403-927-Mission Inter Senegal

This project provides funds for the national missions movement in Senegal. Because the church is still growing, outreach and missions in Senegal depend on outside help. (Church)

6403-933-Famine Relief

Funds from this project will be used to purchase food staples that will be distributed to a devastated area of Senegal. (Government)

6403-939-Diourbel Evangelism

The funds from this special project will meet the needs of an evangelist and his family, who are working with Mission Inter Senegal, the Senegal home mission organization, to establish a church in the city of Diourbel. (Church)

6403-940-Church Library

This project would fund the purchase of land and construction of a library building adjacent to the Thies church. (Church)

6403-942-Vocational Training

These funds will sponsor the training of workers by paying for their course work, food and/or room. Funds will also help purchase tools, materials or needed machines to encourage young men as they begin a career. Job skills will help provide for families, in a dignified way, who will then bless the church with tithes and offerings and allow the workers to assist others. (Education)

6403-943-Village Envangelism

Funds will support a literacy program that hosts a number of classes, including Bible teaching, health and elementary math. This education makes it easier to acquire jobs within the villages. (Church)

6403-945-Digital Players for Evangelism

Missionaries who want to see the church in Senegal strongly founded on the Word of God, have made the New Testament available in recorded format. Megavoice, a small, durable, and easy to use digital audio player with its own power source, can hold up to 180 hours of audio. Funds will be used to purchase Megavoice players and distribute them to believers. (Church)

6403-948-National Bible Translator

The national Wolof Bible translator, Mr. Diop, has committed his life to translating the Bible for his people. He has two masters degrees, one in mathematics and the other in English literature. He has also been trained in linguistics, translation principles and has studied Hebrew. Funds from this project will provide a monthly remuneration for Mr. Diop. (Church)

6403-953-Recorded Wolof Scripture

The Word of God in one's heart language is a powerful change agent. Senegalese believers who have attended French-speaking churches for years have finally understood the stories of the Bible after having heard the Bible in Wolof. Thus, the goal of this special project is to provide the Wolof Bible in oral means to an oral culture. (Church)

6403-954-TES Scholarships

Established in 1994 by several Western missions (including WorldVenture) and several Senegalese national churches, the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal (ITES) has been a cooperative effort ever since. ITES is a Bible-based church leadership training school whose mission is to train indigenous leadership for the national church in Senegal and beyond. This special project is intended to cover the financial gap so that the school can not only continue to train leaders for the Senegalese church, but also expand. (Education)

6403-961-ITES Women's Training Program

Under the direction of The Evangelical Theological Insitute of Senegal (ITES), WorldVenture is hoping to equip women believers to serve their families, churches and communities as a follower of Christ through a training course conducted over a three year period. (Education)

6403-962-ITES Rural Pastors Training

Established in 1994 by several western missions (including WorldVenture) and several Senegalese national churches, the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal (ITES) is a Bible-based church leadership training school whose mission is to train indigenous leadership for the national church in Senegal and beyond. Currently 53 men and one woman have gone through this training program. This program has really taken off, but it is already difficult just to pay the basic operating expenses of ITES. (Education)

6403-969-Advanced Theological Education

There are very few well trained Christian Church leaders in Senegal. The candidate for advanced theological education is currently a pastor, a Bible Institute professor, and serves on the leadership team of the Association of Evangelical Churches. He has a heart to see his country evangelized and has the ambition and capability of being an effective teacher and church leader. Leadership development has a high priority on the Senegal Field list of ministry objectives. The candidate would desire to earn a doctorate degree in Theology with an emphasis on the Mission of the Church. (Church)

6403-975-Wolof Bible Translation 2 Basic Urban

This projects goal is to translate the entire Old Testament and New Testament into Basic Wolof, using a mother-tongue translator, with a goal of having the entire Basic Wolof Bible ready for publication by the year 2025. (Church)

6403-976-Ajami Serer Publications

This project will be used in evangelism and discipleship, aiming at readers of Arabic whose mother tongue is Serer. The Lutheran Church of Senegal gave permission to produce Exodus in Ajami Serer in 2014. Mary Anne Lattin had 50 copies printed and distributed them to leaders who had been in the Ajami Serer workshop in 2012. She also passed out copies to the Lutheran Church of Senegal. (Media)


6429-902-Student Support

Singapore Bible College provides financial assistance to students who are promising leaders from India, Mongolia, and Nepal. (Church)



6422-901 SHARE Teen Program

The purpose of this project is to raise money for the teen program at the SHARE Family Education Conference in February 2018. These funds will help missionary families working and living in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East with expenses for their teens during the conference. At this conference missionary families receive encouragement and their teens receive teaching, discipleship, and encouragement throughout the week.

6422-907-ZECNT Translation

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT) is uniquely helpful in that it is strategically-packaged conservative scholarship to assist conscientious preachers who are short on time. This project seeks to assist in funding the translation of the entire 20-volume series over the next 10 years (2016-2026).

6422-908-National Workers for North Africa Ministry

This project focuses on supporting national workers, both Spanish and North African, who reach out to North Africans through the ministry of Arabic radio programs and correspondence courses. These workers will also develop relationships with North Africans through a community center. (Church)

6422-911-Arabic Bibles for North Africa Seekers

Funds from this project will be used to provide Arabic language Bibles and Bible study materials for North Africans living in North Africa and throughout Europe. (Media)

6422-912-North Africa Venture: Cultural Center

Many North Africans come to Malaga, Spain, looking for work. The North African Venture: Cultural Center will provide a place where North Africans can learn practical skills that will assist them in attaining jobs in Spain. Funds will be used for rent on the facilities, salary, utilities, and equipment to run the center. (Church)

6422-913-North Africa Radio Broadcast

Radio is a powerful tool to reach North Africans with the gospel. Funds from this project will pay for broadcast time and expenses incurred in preparing and sending radio programs. (Media)

6422-914-Leganes Church Plant

Leganes, a Madrid suburb, has a population of 185,000 but only a small evangelical church presence. The new church plant will be unique in its intentional focus on reaching out to North African immigrants, approximately 7,000 in Leganes. This is a joint ministry venture of the WorldVenture Spain field and the Iglesia Evangelica Resureccion y Vida church (also known as La Elipa) with which WorldVenture has had a long-running ministry partnership. This project will involve multiplying followers of Christ, demonstrating compassion on the local community level, establishing reproducing churches and equipping leaders. Funds raised will be used for rent, utilities and ministry supplies. (Church)

6422-917-The Friendship House

The Friendship House is located in a neighborhood of North African immigrants from the Rif Berber people group. The purpose of The Friendship House is to serve as a hub for the community-based outreach project that Dan and Eva Anderson have been conducting in the neighborhood since 2009. (Church)

6422-918-Centro Ministerial Dar Salaam

The name Dar Salaam means House of Peace in Arabic. The Centro Ministerial Dar Salaam is a strategic ministry initiative aimed at reaching the North African immigrant community in the Madrid suburb of Torrejon de Ardoz. This ministry center was started by WorldVenture International Partners in Ministry Lucas and Betzabe Colmenares in close collaboration with Immanuel Baptist Church of Madrid. (Church)


6421-901-Puli Camp Rebuilding

The Puli Camp was used 130 days in one year, with a total 11,573 people using the facilities. An extensive ropes/team training course is used by churches, businesses, and even the police. (Church)

6421-902-Theological College Building Project

This project provides funds to a theological college in Taiwan for improving their facilities. This includes constructing a multi-purpose building and new student housing. (Science & Medicine)

6421-903-Theological College Operation

The CB Seminary at Hsilo charges minimal fees to students so finances are not a barrier or burden in preparing for ministry. This also makes the school more attractive to potential students. (Church)

6421-904-Bilingual Community Church Building

The Bilingual Community Church (BCC) was started in 2004 by a WorldVenture missionary family. In 2013, the church moved into a new stage of its growth with the installation of its first elders and the beginning of membership. Regular adult attendance of 350 or more means this church needs a permanent facility. (Church)

6421-906-Church Planting

This project provides funds for church-planting efforts in Taiwan. (Church)

6421-908-Theological Education School Fund

With the growing constituency of Taiwan's churches, one of the challenges is having enough qualified teachers for the Bible college level of education. The scholarship funds raised for this project will be used to supplement 1/6 of the tuition for faculty members who are pursuing a doctor of ministries degree. (Church)

6421-912-Buster Church

The purpose of this project is to establish a church focused on young people 18 to 35 years old. (Church)


6486-906-All Asia Gathering

This gathering is for renewal, worship and fellowship with others who are working in similar environments. It will be led by staff from HQ and colleagues from around the region.



1 out of 24 records are hidden for security reasons.

6404-901-Leadership Develop

Ugandans are taking key positions of leadership throughout Uganda. Equipping these leaders to serve in the church or disciple other church workers is vital for healthy churches. This project provides funds for Ugandan church leaders training at schools in or outside of the country. (Church)

6404-903-Ideas Workshop

The Ideas Workshop is a christian non-profit NGO registered in Uganda. The Ideas Workshop was run as a pilot project in 2013 with two interns. In 2014, the Internship in Discipleship (IiD is now the first level of training) ran with 5 interns. 2015 blasted off with 5 more interns in IiD and the Work Study Program (WSP) was started for the graduates of Iid. For more information visit the Ideas Workshop website.

6404-904-Pastors Medical Fund

This project will provide funds for pastors in Uganda who need major medical care for themselves and their immediate family. At present, pastors must struggle to come up with the funds or face dire consequences, even death. (Social Sector & Family)

6404-905-Church Construction

Funds from this project will be used to purchase the corrugated iron sheets for church roofs. (Church)

6404-906-Pastor's Child Education

This project provides the needed funds to sponsor and pay for school fees, enabling children of pastors to attend school. (Education)

6404-908-Emergency Assistance for Children/Families

Uganda has many needy people, many of whom could improve their situations if given help to meet a critical need. Funds from this project will provide emergency funding to assist individuals during difficult circumstances. (Government)

6404-909-Western Uganda Theological Education

Western Uganda Baptist Theological College (WUBTC) at Kiburara is a nationally run two-year residential program that trains men and their wives for the work of the ministry in rural Uganda. The sponsorship of pastors in training will go directly to the school to help cover the actual costs of this training. (Church)

6404-912-Kiburara Building Fund

We are increasing the size of the Bible college's library. It needs more good books that will help the students. (Church)

6404-914-Nyabugando Baptist Secondary School

Often Christian young people are sent away to boarding school at the secondary level. This project is set up to assist in building and equipping the Baptist Secondary School in Nyabugando. The school is associated with the Nyabugando Baptist Church and provides a Christian education to the leaders of the future. (Education)

6404-916-National Mentors

This project will assist highly qualified veteran pastors willing to donate their time to help develop weaker churches by providing them with a per diem for expenses such as food and lodging (when necessary) as well as travel expenses. (Church)

6404-918-Education Resources & Building

This project has the broad purpose of lending a helping hand to primary and secondary schools associated with the Baptist Union of Uganda. At the Bwaise Baptist Primary School, approximately 200 students in grades 1 through 7 study in five roughly constructed classrooms with dirt floors that are open to the elements and a dilapidated mud church building. Eighty percent of the students are orphans and unable to pay the requisite school fees. The school is located in one of the major slum areas of Kampala that floods whenever there are substantial rains, such that the school courtyard is literally a pool of mud and algae during the rainy season. Only one out of 10 teachers has adequate training. Most of the few textbooks the school owned were lost when the school offices flooded during the last rainy season. (Education)

6404-919-Refugee Protection House

The Refugee Protection House project is an opportunity to share God's love with some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Southwest Uganda is home to 250,000 refugees, primarily from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is embroiled in conflict. The protection house will provide a secure place to live for the most vulnerable, at-risk, refugee women in the region. Our goal is to provide a vital, tangible, life-saving option for women whose lives are threatened. Most of all, we want these women to experience the love of Christ by extending His grace, through relief, protection, medical and development assistance.

The ongoing war in the DRC is one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Known as the rape capital of the world, soldiers use sexual-violence as weapons of war. Congolese are fleeing by the thousands, seeking refuge in neighboring Uganda. In Southwest Uganda alone, there are a quarter of a million refugees. Unfortunately, while many refugees think they are safe once reaching the refugee settlements in Uganda, some of the most vulnerable women soon find out that the rebels are also in the settlements and they are not safe. We are starting a safe house in cooperation with the UN and Ugandan government to provide protection for the most vulnerable refugee women, women whose lives are in imminent danger. In addition to providing a secure place to live, we will offer psycho-social support, counseling and care from Christian staff. They will stay in the protection house until they are resettled.

Please partner with us! Our initial start-up costs include $50,000 to buy land and build the protection house. And we anticipate a yearly operating budget of about $30,000 to cover security, staff salaries, utilities, food, clothes, and medical care for refugees. It is amazing what God can do through the generosity of His people.


The Uganda Wells special project will provide funds to dig 40 wells in Northern Uganda, providing clean water for over 4,000 people. (Science & Medicine)

6404-923-Bible School Housing

Funds from this project will be used to purchase building supplies for homes. (Church)

6404-924-Bible School Irrigation

Water is life. This project will provide access to water that is much needed at the Western Uganda Baptist Theological College. Students and staff at the college raise their own crops for food. Every two years the area experiences a drought that destroys the crops. Funds from this project will be used to build a solar energy-driven irrigation system. The college will also share the water with the nearby community. (Science & Medicine)

6404-927-Celebrate Kids Children's Project

The Celebrate Kids Children's Project is a Ugandan-run children's program working with Baptist churches to bring up the children in the Lord and the church. This project makes it possible for the Celebrate Kids Children's Project to continue and expand in help to all the country's Baptist churches. (Church)

6404-930-Internship in Discipleship

Create an intensive internship in discipleship for 10 men and 10 women during six months of their nine-month break between high school and further studies. (Church)

6404-931-Pastor's Kindle Resource Library

Pastors' Kindle Resource Library is an effort to supply pastors who can read English with a resource library of books relevant to the needs of their ministry. All of these books could be placed on a Kindle, a small electronic reader, and managed in a way that would encourage the pastor to read and grow. (Education)

6404-932-Girls Discipleship Program

This project is for a six-month boarding discipleship school for girls in their S6 vacation time. The objective of this is to help form these girls in their faith, character and leadership. With this, I see this advancing WorldVenture's worldwide objectives: 1. Evangelizing the peoples of the world: through learning about their faith, those that have thought they were saved but not will hear about Him as well as through intentional discipleship. 2. Extending grace: this program will be offering developmental assistance through Biblical knowledge but also life skills. 3. Equipping leaders: leaders being trained for ministry through non-formal contexts to deepening churches. 4. Encouraging missions movements: as these girls become established and discipled in their faith, they will also be taught how to mentor and disciple. (Church)

6404-935-127 Uganda Initiative

Bringing Healing to Children in Uganda The 1:27 Uganda Initiative is based on the admonition of James 1:27, specifically caring for orphans. The project is designed to provide necessary surgery for orphan children in Uganda. These surgeries might be lifesaving... or they might be life-changing, like a simple surgery (cleft lip or hernia repair) which may improve the chances of a child being adopted. 1:27 gives medical surgeries to those children that are the most marginalized of already marginalized children. Many homeless children die between the ages of 2-4 years old. They suffer with no one to care for them and love them. Most orphanages cannot afford the financial burden of taking on children in need of surgeries. They do not have the staff to travel, to spend days and nights at hospitals, and servicing the post-operative care for sick children. But we can! 1:27 Uganda Initiative gives these children Hope and Help... to be taken in, to be cared for, to be given an education, and to be given a chance at health and wholeness. With corrective surgery, these children can live! We have seen God leading children to us in miraculous ways! And we have not had to turn these children away thanks to the 1:27 Uganda Initiative. Word has gone out through medical clinics and Christian organizations to contact us when medical emergencies and surgery needs arise for the children. The impact is truly immeasurable! And with your help, we are helping the fatherless, the orphan, even as James 1:27 reminds us! 1:27 Uganda Initiative has changed the lives of some of the most needy children. Best of all, while some children have been reunited with their existing families, others have found new parents through foster care and adoption! The medical support you help us provide not only improves lives, it saves lives! We appreciate every gift you give to 1:27 Uganda Initiatives. You aren't just giving to the children, you are giving to Jesus Christ who loves children! No matter the size of the gift, it is the heart of each giver for whom we are most grateful. Thank you for your kind hearts!


WE MAKE POWER AFFORDABLE. US engineering and solar technology marries years of Eastern Africa field distribution experience. Our service is pay-as-you-go. Before, most low-income households could never afford the high upfront cost of solar systems. But turn the model into an electric utility just like in developed countries? All of a sudden solar is not only within reach but its saving families money. $200 today is impossible. $2 every week is no problem. (Business)

Acacia International School Land

Acacia International School (AIS) currently operates from two small and rented campuses in Kampala. This project is to assist the ministry and mission of AIS in purchasing land for a permanent site for the school.


6433-902-KTS Building Fund

WorldVenture has partnered with Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) since its inception in 1996 to train leaders in Ukraine. (Church)

6433-905-Kiev Theological Seminary

This project will help provide money for the Kiev Theological Seminary for the training of a new generation of leaders in the former Soviet Union. (Church)

6433-907-Theological Edu Support

This project seeks to support theological education in the former Soviet Union in support of WorldVenture's objective to equip leaders. It will do so through a number of possible avenues -- direct support of schools and/or organizations supporting theological education; library support; and support of national post-undergraduate degrees or professional certifications. (Church)

6433-909-Kiev Student Scholarship

Kiev Theological Seminary sponsors students who will become church planters in Ukraine or a missionary to Russia. This project provides the funding for the scholarship given by the seminary. (Church)

6433-919-Kiev Handicapped Ministry

This project will help support ministry opportunities to the handicapped who attend Transformation Church in Kiev, Ukraine. Funds will help with remodeling the church for handicapped access, provide for staff needs and special activities. (Social Sector & Family)

United Kingdom

6459-902-Sindhi Partner Travel

The International Sindhi Partnership has been formed to reach more than 25 million Sindhi people in Pakistan and around the world. An International Sindhi Partnership Consultation convened in Manila in February 2006 with the hope of seeing a church planting movement began among the Sindhis. One of the main goals of this fund is to help underwrite the cost of travel for Sindhi Christians to attend the consultation. (Church)

6459-903-Asian Friendship

The Asian Friendship Center maintains a positive, Christian presence in the Forest Gate community of England, where many South Asians reside. Funds will be used for rent, utilities and supplies needed to support outreach programs. (Church)

United States

2 out of 15 records are hidden for security reasons.

1200-004-Appointee Launch Fund

WorldVenture currently has more than 80 appointees currently in the training and partner development (fundraising) phase! Most are ready and willing to deploy within 12 to 18 months, perhaps sooner if funds were available. We also have many more who hope to be appointed this year and next so they can begin the preparations necessary to to serve around the world for the cause of Christ. One of the biggest obstacles for these faithful workers is funding. The Appointee Launch Fund was established for the purpose of helping these new missionaries reach the field more quickly. At the 2015 WorldVenture Renewal Conference, President Jeff Denlinger noted the urgent need to enable our workers to start their ministries as soon as possible. "How committed are we to seeing them get out?" he asked. "We know what happens when missionaries get out there. Long-term relationships begin, and the gospel gets communicated in ways we could never imagine.” ( Click here to view Jeff's address to the conference! .) When Jesus tells the Church to go to “all nations,” He means what He says: go to every people group and make disciples. There are currently 16,528 people groups in the world and 40.5 percent are still unreached ( Will you help us? The gospel is too good, the lost are too important, and our God is too great not to fulfill the Great Commission. Please consider making a meaningful, financial gift to God's work through WorldVenture to get newly appointed missionaries out to the unreached! If you have any questions or want to find out more about how you can make a difference, please contact email Sally Hahn or call 720-283-2000 xt 1100 to reach her directly. We would love the chance to speak to you about this!

1200-017-The Kid's Zone

I am so thankful for everything God has done this year—and very excited to tell you about some important changes taking place for us in 2017 . . . First, we are relocating our WorldVenture facility to a new, smaller campus. This is a strategic, cost effective move that will ultimately free up additional resources to further our mission of making Christ known among the nations. Second, we will create a dedicated Kids' Zone at this new facility, focused on the training and care of the children of our missionaries. Currently, WorldVenture has 487 adults serving all over the world, but the largest number in our constituency is our missionary kids. Our growing family includes 618 children! When their parents are here training, it is just as important that these missionary kids feel at home and receive ministry and teaching tailored to their needs. As one of our missionaries to Brazil, Kirk Maxwell, father of 3, put it, “My children are missionaries, too. They left their home, their family, their friends, and their church. They learned a new language, a new culture . . . they are a light in their world.” In the past, kids’ programs at WorldVenture have been allocated to whatever spaces were available at the time. But we want to do better for our kids! In the new facility, approximately 20% of the space will be dedicated to the new Kids' Zone. We want to build towards a future by investing in the next generation. Our total budget for the Kids' Zone is $200,000…but we have set a goal to raise half of that — $100,000 — by the end of this year so we can begin renovations. As you plan your year-end giving, I ask you to make a timely investment in our missionaries, their children, and eternity. Your tax-deductible year-end gift today will help us create a space where our youngest members can feel at home, loved, and able to learn about transition, crossing cultures, American life, their identity in Christ, and prepare for their own calling. (Social Sector & Family)

1300-011-WorldVenture Memorial Gift Fund

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints (Psalm 116:15 KJV). Honoring your loved one with a special gift to the global, gospel ministry of WorldVenture is a precious act of service. In celebrating one life, you are providing the opportunity to share the good news of eternal life through Jesus to many. We thank you for this precious gift. For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God (2 Corinthians 9:12 ESV).

6448-901-MDD for Women by Women

Partnering with evangelical organizations that focus on ministering to and equipping women, such as Thrive (formally Women of the Harvest) and Entrust. Organizations are chosen that will bless, encourage, and strengthen not only WorldVenture missionaries but also those from a wide spectrum of the evangelical missionary community. (Church)

6448-907-Translation/Printing Biblical Training Book on Marriage

We have recently written and published a book on the Biblical basis for marriage, called "It Started in the Garden" by Tim and Mary Lou Tiner. The book was written in English but the goal is to translate and publish the book into Arabic and German. (Social Sector & Family)

6448-908-Emeritus Funding

The first sessions of the EMERITUS Program (Experienced Missionaries Effectively Repatriating and Integrated in Thoughtful Uplifting Service) were held in January 2012 and were well received. This program was developed under the auspices of the Paraclete Centre. There are three major goals. The first is to help missionaries understand the processes involved in repatriation; this is said to be the most difficult transition a person ever experiences. The second goal is to encourage and assist repatriating missionaries to continue to work in God's kingdom. The third goal is to train people to help repatriating missionaries. (Church)

6448-909-Evangelistic Training Trips Tiner

Funds from this project will be used to cover a variety of expenses for outreach trips to other parts of Europe, the Middle East and beyond. (Church)

6448-911-Paraclete Ropeholders

Rope Holders, a ministry of the Paraclete Department, pairs retired missionaries with first-term missionaries in an effort to help transition the missionary to life and ministry in the country they are located in. (Church)

6448-929-Music Ministry Tiner

Music ministry includes evangelistic outreaches, recording CDs to give out during concerts and training, and developing national music ministries. (Arts & Entertainment)

Paraclete Transit Lounge

We’re excited you’re looking for a place to hang out with other Third Culture Kids and to learn some clues about thriving in the midst of your transition and beyond it. We think this seminar will be a good place for you to do those things. Here’s some basic information that you’ll want before you fill out the application* . . . Who’s welcome in the Transit Lounge? Any TCK who is returning to the States or Canada to live and study. The transit lounge is open to those who just graduated from high school. It is also open to those who are returning to North America for all or part of high school. If you don’t fit in either of those categories, but think you have a good reason to attend, contact Sheryl O'Bryan ( and explain your reasons. When is the Transit Lounge open? August 1-7, 2016. Plan to arrive after 2 PM on the 2nd and depart after 3 PM on the 7th. If your schedule can’t accommodate this and you still want to come, please communicate with Sheryl. Where is the Transit Lounge? WorldVenture in Littleton, CO will host the seminar. How much does it cost? That depends on when you register. If you register by May 15, the cost is $300. If register between May 16 and June 30, the cost is $350. If you register July 1 or later, the cost is $400. Be thrifty! Register early. The first $100 of your fees will be due upon registration. It is non-refundable. You will receive an email with instructions after initial registration. What is there to do at the Transit Lounge? Besides hanging out with other TCKs, we’ll take a look at the transition process and what it means for your life. We’ll hear from experts in different fields whose knowledge will help make life outside of the Transit Lounge a bit more informed and a bit more interesting. There will be some worship and some talk of God and to God, but you don’t have to be a Christ follower to be here. We’re also planning time for fun things to experience in the area. You’ll be expected to participate. More questions? Contact Sheryl




6428-901-Rental Facility

This project will provide the seed money to start gathering believers and seekers together for meaningful times of worship and instruction. (Church)

6428-903-El Puente Church Fund

This special project is for the El Puente church, established by WorldVenture missionaries in Caracas, Venezuela. It is a fund that will function as a start-up savings account until the church is able to open its own account in dollars. (Church)

6428-904-Special Needs Family Camp

Our mission is to evangelize and disciple individuals and families that live with a disability, and to equip the church to receive them as part of the Christian community. Disabilities in Venezuela present a significant challenge to both the individual and the family. In an effort to reflect the love of Christ in our community, our church has begun a ministry to individuals and families with special needs. In February, 2015, we had our first camp for families with special needs modeled after the retreats offered by Joni and Friends. With 113 people in attendance it was a hands-down success! Beginning in 2016 we are holding a Family Day Camp twice a year. Our first was on Saturday, April 30th. We want to extend a huge thank you to all of those who donated and made this camp possible! We are preparing to have a one-day camp in the fall of 2016 and another one in the spring of 2017. The budget for a one day camp is approximately $2,000 USD for 100 attendees. With your partnership we can contribute to offer an opportunity for these families to hear about and experience the love of Christ. (Church)