Costa Rica

Old Testament, Pastoral Training, Christian Education, Missions/Missiology

ESEPA BIBLE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY is seeking missionary professors to teach full-time in San Jos_, Costa Rica. ESEPA is an evangelical, non-denominational organization with programs on the bachelor, master and diploma level. It has been prominent in preparing leaders throughout Spanish-speaking America (see (Education)

Professor for Bible College, Seminary

ESEPA is an interdenominational evangelical Bible college and seminary, a partner school of Overseas Council International and affiliated with AETAL. ESEPA was founded in 1983 in response to the need for training evangelical Protestant ministers in Costa Rica; today its training extends to Christian educators, teachers and transcultural workers. The faculty consists of missionaries and of Latin Americans, many of whom are ESEPA’s own graduates. ESEPA’s reputation is international and its professors have the opportunity to make a deep and lasting impact on the academic life and mission of the Latin American church. See (Education)

The Edge Guest House Manager

To support and facilitate local ministries and cross-cultural missions by maintaining a ministry center dedicated to the unity of the Church and growth of God’s kingdom. To see others grown in their biblical knowledge and passion for God, embrace the abundant life they were freed to live through Jesus and increase the eternal impact believers have on the local community and beyond. The dream is to be a mobilizing agent with the provision of a well-maintained and fully equipped ministry center, resources and training. (Business)