Chinese Evangelism in Mozambique

MozambiqueVenture is a team of missionaries dedicated to train leaders for the growing church of Mozambique in both formal and non-formal settings. Still we see that in recent years thousands of Chinese men and families have immigrated to Mozambique for work. This new development presents an opportunity to build relationships with Chinese to share your faith, bring them to Christ, mentor, disciple and see them eventually go back to their home country to share Christ there. (Church)

Doctor in a Teaching Hospital

Join a team of missionary doctors using their medical skills to care for patients physically and spiritually. Mentor and teach medical staff at a medical school in coastal Beira, Mozambique. The ultimate goal is to have well trained, quality doctors, strong in their faith working across Mozambique. (Social Sector & Family)

Elementary Home School Teacher

The growing, team in Mozambique, the Meyers in the port city of Beira, and the northern team on Mozambique Island are in need of a qualified elementary educator. The team is looking for one or more teacher to faciliate the education of the WorldVenture children and potentially a few other expat children, learn language, and participate in ministry opportunities in the community that fit the gifting and passion of the teacher. (Education)

Homeschool Teacher

Serve in the country of Mozambique through homeschooling the children of a missionary family (3rd grade twins and a 1st grader). (Education)